on Dec 6, 2019

Radical Collaboration for Black Wealth Creation 

Resource on Jan 7, 2020

The Integration Initiative: Final Report 

Resource on Dec 17, 2019

Internal Scan: Racial Equity and Inclusion Competency Survey Results 2019 

This internal scan offers a deep dive into the results of our 2019 Racial Equity and Inclusion Competency Survey.

Resource on Nov 20, 2019

The Road to Inclusion: How 21st Century Learning Organizations Can Engage Community Onlin… 

We created a tool to understand what it takes to use digital technologies to encourage learning and racial equity. This report outlines what we learned from the process.

Resource on Nov 18, 2019

How-To Guide: Employee Resource Groups 

Resource on Sep 19, 2019

Entrepreneurs of Color Resource 

We've compiled a list of caterers and restaurants owned or operated by people of color so that you can embed racial equity into your organizational culture through food.

Resource on Jun 21, 2019

Through the Eyes of Wakanda: On Screen Lessons for Off Screen Impact 

The seeds of a dynamic black future already exist within the minds of those among us—as long as, together, we are willing to step forward and author it.

Our Work

Racial Equity and Inclusion 


We are working to ensure that our commitment to accelerating progress on issues of racial equity and inclusion at the systems level is reflected in all of our work. To do this, we have adopted value and culture norms and are working to take action.

Resource on Jun 5, 2019

Resource: Checking In With Our Humanity 

This resource compiles check-in questions, poems and activities that we've used to center humanity in our every day work.

Resource on May 13, 2019

Racial Equity Here Learning Report: Lessons from 5 Cities Operationalizing Racial Equity 

This learning report highlights lessons learned from the work of five cities operationalizing racial equity, including Albuquerque, Austin, Grand Rapids, Louisville, and Philadelphia.

Resource on Apr 4, 2019

Internal Scan: Racial Equity and Inclusion Competency Survey Results 2018 

This internal scan offers a deep dive into the results of our 2018 Racial Equity and Inclusion Competency Survey.

Resource on Mar 5, 2019

Getting Ready for Racial Equity Work: The Racial Equity Here Evaluation 

This evaluation of our Racial Equity Here initiative offers recommendations for other cities interested in applying a racial equity lens to their policies and operations.

Resource on Aug 23, 2018

Understanding Privilege  

Resource on Aug 20, 2018

Encounters with Color and Identity 

Our Work

Civic Tech and Data Collaborative 


We are working with Code for America and the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership to support teams of civic technologists, data practitioners and government officials in cities to develop data and technology solutions to address pressing pro…


Summit on Government Performance & Innovation 

Resource on Aug 15, 2018


This piece is part of a series of stories that the Living Cities summer 2018 intern cohort is producing surrounding their racial equity journey and summer experience.

Resource on Jul 10, 2018

A Path to Authentic Community Engagement Guiding Questions 

Resource on Jul 6, 2018

A tool towards sustainability in cross-sector initiatives: Mayoral Transition 

Resource on May 7, 2018

The Mobilization Fund Study: First Year of Capital Access in New Orleans 

Past Work

Brookings and Living Cities State and Metropolitan Prosperity Collaborative 


The Brookings Institution and Living Cities State and Metropolitan Prosperity Collaborative was a peer exchange forum intended to promote deeper collaboration between state and metropolitan leaders on issues critical to creating economic opportunity.

Resource on Apr 10, 2018

Survey: Assessing Our Staff's Racial Equity & Inclusion Competency 

We administered this survey as a baseline measure of our staff's collective competency around embedding a racial equity lens in our work.

Resource on Apr 2, 2018

Facilitator's Guide for Continuous Improvement Conversations with a Racial Equity Lens 

How might facilitators effectively use data? How might they ensure a racial equity focus? Often these conversations stall for various reasons including the historical and prevailing culture of both funders and grantees that has focused on compliance…

Resource on Mar 20, 2018

Report: What Does it Take to Embed a Racial Equity & Inclusion Lens? 

This report seeks to inform the next phase of Living Cities’ racial equity and inclusion work, and we hope it is useful to other organizations wrestling with how to better operationalize racial equity and inclusion in their own work.

Resource on Mar 15, 2018

Operationalizing Racial Equity & Inclusion at Living Cities: Frequently Asked Questions 

What does it mean to operationalize racial equity in organizations? How does that change our day-to-day work? Why is it important to do internal racial equity work?

Resource on Jan 31, 2018

Tackling Racial Equity in 2018: the Urgent Now 

Our Principal of Public Sector & Partnerships, Steven Bosacker, recently contributed to the International City/Council Management Association’s 18 in 2018, a publication assembling the predictions, views and tips of major public sector players for 2…


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