Building a new urban practice.

Living Cities works with cross-sector leaders in cities to build a new type of urban practice aimed at dramatically improving the economic well-being of low-income people. We believe that these four core elements of our work are key to these ends:

Capital Innovation.

We blend public, private, and philanthropic financial resources in new ways to better meet the needs of cities and their residents.

Open-Sourcing Social Change.

We work at the intersections of information, people, story, and technology to accelerate the uptake of promising solutions to social problems.

Collective Impact.

We support ambitious data-driven, results-oriented cross-sector tables who work together differently to achieve large-scale results and enduring change.

Public Sector Innovation.

We work with public sector leaders to foster more nimble, collaborative, and data-driven local governments.

Where We Work

See all of the cities where we work. This map also features cities participating in our Integration Initiative, including highlighting our other work in those places.

What We’re Thinking

Blog Post Junious Williams & Sarah Marxer on Apr 23, 2015

From Theory to Practice: Three Lessons on Equity and Collective Impact 

This second installment in a series about equity in collective offers three lessons for how local collective impact efforts can eliminate local disparities.

Blog Post Junious Williams & Sarah Marxer on Apr 22, 2015

Equity and Collective Impact: Grassroots Organizations and Backbone as a Bridge 

This first installment in a series on equity and collective impact shares insights into how a backbone organization can amplify grassroots efforts to achieve equitable systems change.

Resource on Apr 7, 2015

Week 4: Applying Business Concepts to Community Engagement 

In the fourth week of our e-course on community engagement in collective impact, we look at opportunities for collective impact initiatives to apply business concepts to community engagement work.

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Apr 21, 2015

#BensTake: Land Use, Housing and the Need for a New Paradigm 

Clearly, a new and very different paradigm for land use has to be a part of any city’s approach to addressing housing affordability. What’s really keeping that from happening and what can we do about…

Blog Post Dan Duncan on Apr 20, 2015

The Four Key Components for Effective Collective Impact: Part I  

Collective impact requires community engagement and co-production to effectively create social outcomes.

Next City

As America Diversifies, So Should Government Jobs From Top to Bottom 

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Apr 17, 2015

The Moral Bucket List: And Other #GoodReads from Living Cities Staff  

A weekly round-up of articles and information that you won’t want to miss. And this week, we want to hear from you!

Blog Post Richard Crews on Apr 16, 2015

The Power of an Illusion…  

Richard Crews examines how collective impact can break through illusions of prejudice and structural racism to build a new system centered on equity.

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