Blog Post
by Ben Hecht on Feb 26, 2015

#BensTake: It’s the Economy (and The Future of Our Democracy), Stupid 

A landmark 1997 study exposed the racial wealth gap. In the past 20 years, has anything changed?

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Feb 27, 2015

The Performance Imperative: And Other #GoodReads from Living Cities Staff 

A weekly round-up of articles, resources and information that you won't want to miss!

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias & Julie Nelson on Feb 26, 2015

Four Entry Points for Local Governments Looking to Further Racial Equity  

In this third installment of an interview with Julie Nelson, she shares advice on entry points for other governments interested in taking on racial equity work.

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias & Julie Nelson on Feb 25, 2015

How to Advance Equity through Government Innovation 

In this second installment of an interview with Julie Nelson, she explains how local government can help advance racial equity and offers advice for jurisdictions considering taking on this work.

Person The Lever Fund

Mark Swartz  

Mark Swartz is a Founder of the Lever Fund. He is a writer and communicator who helps nonprofit organizations tell their stories.

Blog Post Christian Bason on Feb 25, 2015

Evaluating Policy Takes Too Long: Here's What You Can Do About It 

How governments are increasingly leveraging lean and human-centered design approaches to improve complex policies.

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias & Julie Nelson on Feb 24, 2015

Why Government Can Be a Powerful Force for Equity 

In the first of a three part series, Julie Nelson of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity explains how local government can advance racial equity and eliminate racial disparities.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Donating Data Could Be New Philanthropic Frontier 

Blog Post Nadia Owusu on Feb 20, 2015

The Importance of Making Meaning of Social Change Data: And Other #GoodReads fr… 

Living Cities' staff is constantly scanning the media and field for ideas, insights, and information that are relevant to our work, and the work of our problem solving network. Here are a few article…

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Feb 20, 2015

#BensTake: The Promise and Pitfalls of Tech Entrepreneurs and Philanthropy 

Is philanthropy’s ascendant class of tech entrepreneurs a timely boon for the field? It’s complicated.

Blog Post Nigel Jacob on Feb 19, 2015

Making City Hall Leaner 

Urban-Technologist-in-Residence, Nigel Jacob, suggests that local governments use Lean (or Agile) methodologies to create services that their residents actually want to use.

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias & Frank Mirabal on Feb 18, 2015

Unmuting the Voice of Youth of Color to Help Lead Social Change 

We spoke with Dr. Frank Mirabal from the Office of Mayor Berry to learn about Albuquerque’s efforts to engage young men of color as participants in local efforts to improve life outcomes for all yout…

Blog Post Theresa Gardella on Feb 17, 2015

Community Engagement’s Inner Circle: Making Investments Where They Count 

Learn how the Building the Field of Community Engagement (BTF) collaborative helps foundations and other stakeholders achieve greater impact.

Person Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Maura Fitzgerald 

Maura Fitzgerald is an MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Feb 13, 2015

Jails Have Become Warehouses for the Poor: And Other #GoodReads from Living Cit… 

A weekly round-up of news articles and information from the social sector that you won’t want to miss!

Blog Post Brian R. Nagendra & Karin Brandt on Feb 13, 2015

Passing the Torch: Boston’s Olympic Opportunity to Shape a More Equitable Future 

The impact of an Olympic bid for Boston is debated, but what we know is that we can take this major opportunity that drives new investment as an opportunity to envision the future of our communities.

Blog Post Nadia Owusu on Feb 12, 2015

Measuring Storytelling for Social Change: What’s the Special Sauce? 

Our Assistant Director of Strategic Communications and Storytelling introduces our work to measure what works and what doesn't in terms of Open Sourcing Social Change.

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Feb 11, 2015

#BensTake: Are We Finally On The Road to a New Urban Practice That Insures High… 

Fast, reliable, and most importantly, affordable, broadband service and infrastructure is a critical platform for individual and community prosperity.

Person Living Cities

Elodie Baquerot 

Elodie leads organization-wide operations and strategic planning efforts to make Living Cities' strategic vision a reality. She oversees the implementation of a performance, results-oriented culture; ensures that systems and infrastructure support t…

Blog Post Jeff Raderstrong on Feb 10, 2015

How to Create Lively Collective Impact: Reflections from Seattle/King County 

Seattle/King County Integration Initiative Director, Kirsten Wysen, shares her reflections on what they've learned about creating greater health, social, economic and racial equity.

Blog Post Sarah Treuhaft on Feb 9, 2015

Leverage Equity Data for Inclusive Growth  

To see dramatically better results for low-income people, we need to put equity at the heart of our strategies for economic growth, competitiveness and prosperity. Democratizing equity data is one st…