Blog Post Tim McNaught on May 19, 2015

Amplifying Community Voices 

At a March PMI-AG convening, city leaders discussed ways local government can engage with communities that have traditionally been underrepresented in decision-making.

Blog Post Charles Chieppo on Apr 29, 2015

Government in Your Pocket 

Denver's pocketgov brings municipal government closer to residents, saves money and reduces wait times for those whose issues require a call to the municipality.

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Apr 27, 2015

Process is the New Program: The Road to Enduring Change 

Living Cities CEO, Ben Hecht on our exciting new partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and i-teams in cities around the country and in Israel.

Resource on Jan 26, 2012

Trends in Focus: Technology and Civic Change 

A civic technology framework & schema for rating e-governance efforts prepared by Professor Archon Fung, Harvard Kennedy School

Blog Post Nigel Jacob on Jan 6, 2015

Four Key Challenges Facing Local Government Innovators 

The selection of the first City Accelerator cohort surfaced four key tensions that our outstanding finalists, and many other cities, are struggling with in the work to make innovation course-of-busin…

Blog Post Ronda Jackson on Jan 2, 2015

5 ways City Governments and Philanthropy Can Partner to Disrupt Inequality 

The five key ingredients for effective collaboration between two powerful and often conflicting forces in cities.


Breaking Through Barriers to Innovation in Local Government 

Blog Post on Dec 10, 2014

Improving Performance by Investing in People 

The Project on Municipal Innovation team at Harvard's Ash Center spoke with Brian Elms, lead instructor of the Denver Peak Academy, to hear what he thinks city governments are doing well — and how th…

Blog Post Maura Fitzgerald on Nov 12, 2014

How Cities Can Foster Growth That’s Good for Everyone 

Insights from the September 2014 Project on Municipal Innovation – Advisory Group session on equitable economic growth.

Blog Post Jessica Huey on Nov 5, 2014

Why Affordable Housing Is So Much More Than a Price Tag 

Insights from the Affordable Housing session at the September 2014 PMI-AG Convening


Municipal Innovation 

Supporting a movement towards local government that is nimble, collaborative and data driven.

Blog Post Ronda Jackson & Tiffany Ferguson on Nov 4, 2014

Ensuring Growth and Equity in America’s Cities  

Twice a year, Living Cities and Harvard's Ash Center convene the Project on Municipal Innovation Advisory Group. Read on for a synopsis of highlights from the September 2014 convening.

Resource on Apr 21, 2011

Urban Policy Advisory Group: August 2010 Highlights 

Highlights from the proceedings of the August 5-7 Urban Policy Advisory Group (UPAG) meeting held in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Blog Post Arthur Burris & Brandee McHale on Sep 9, 2014

Introducing the City Accelerator's First Cohort 

The Accelerator cities will each adopt cutting-edge approaches to the practice of innovation and tackle a specific challenge facing low-income residents in their communities.

Blog Post Arthur Burris on Sep 6, 2014

Public Sector Innovation at Living Cities 

We believe that our chances of achieving transformative change dramatically improve when local government is nimble, collaborative data-driven, and focused on leveraging public resources to transform…

Person Harvard Kennedy School of Government

Jessica Huey 

Jessica Huey is a MPP candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Blog Post Ben Hecht & Brandee McHale on Mar 25, 2014

From Ideas to Action: Cities as Drivers of Economic Opportunity 

At the heart of our City Accelerator initiative is an attempt to standardize emerging state-of-the art practices growing out of the municipal innovation field.

Resource on Apr 21, 2011

Urban Policy Advisory Group: Febuary 2011 Highlights 

A snapshot of some highlights from the Urban Policy Advisory Group's fifth in-person meeting, “Permanent Fiscal Crises or a New Normal?”

Blog Post Ted Smith on Feb 25, 2014

From Open Data to Community Data: Open Government’s YouTube Moment 

Louisville, like many cities, is embracing Tim O’Reilly’s idea of “ government as platform.

Blog Post Ronda Jackson & Sara Draper-Zivetz on Feb 24, 2014

Challenges of Today, Ideas for Tomorrow: Highlights from the Eleventh Convening… 

Our convening brought together more than twenty five of the country’s largest and most creative cities to share best practices and explore some of the most pressing challenges in city government toda…

Blog Post Ronda Jackson & Sara Draper-Zivetz on Feb 7, 2014

Voices from the Field: NYC Disrupting Inequality through CEO Initiative 

Learn about New York City’s model for battling urban poverty through their Center for Economic Opportunity (CEO) initiative.

Blog Post Andrea McGrath & Gigi Georges on Feb 6, 2014

10 Steps for Creating a Safe Space for Local Innovation