Blog Post Carmen Rojas on Mar 11, 2013

Redefining Affordable Nutrition through Retail Grocery: A Funder Briefing on th… 

The Urban Food Initiative seeks to advance the health of families in low-income neighborhoods by developing a non-profit, community-based, and financially sustainable retail store.

Blog Post Carmen Rojas on Feb 22, 2013

Leveraging Public Sector Contracts for New Manufacturing Jobs 

What would it look like if the billions of dollars spent by our public agencies to provide services were also leveraged to encourage job creation for low-income people?

Blog Post Alexandra Paxton on Feb 19, 2013

Reimagining Green Workforce Development 

Does green stormwater infrastructure pose a realistic opportunity for low-income communities to access quality jobs with career pathways? Will investment in green stormwater create opportunity for th…

Blog Post Evelyn Burnett & Nadia Owusu on Feb 14, 2013

We Need To Talk: Poverty, Race, and America’s Future 

Despite all the progress we have made, income and race continue to play a role in people’s life trajectories and outcomes. We need to confront this head on.

Blog Post Carmen Rojas on Feb 14, 2013

Scaling Cradle to Career 

As a result of our work with the Strive Network, we strongly believe in the potential to mend the education pipeline for all children by partnering with cross-sector stakeholders.

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Op-Ed: Waging the 21st-Century War on Poverty: Ben Hecht 

Blog Post Ronda Jackson on Nov 15, 2012

State and Metro Collaboration Critical to Increasing Middle-Skill Manufacturing… 

State and local economic and workforce development leaders gathered at the Brookings/Living Cities State and Metropolitan Prosperity Collaborative meeting to discuss the development of effective cros…

Blog Post Mary Kay Bailey on Jun 8, 2012

From the Twin Cities to Baltimore: Lessons on Workforce and Inclusion 

The Baltimore Integration Partnership advances a range of economic inclusion strategies that tailor training, procurement, and employment opportunities to local residents – nearly all of whom are Afr…

Person The State University of New York

Nancy Zimpher 

Nancy L. Zimpher is the 12th chancellor of The State University of New York, the largest comprehensive system of public higher education in the nation.