We are working to improve the economic well-being of low-income people by ensuring that they are prepared for quality 21st century jobs. See more from Prepare 

Ensuring that low-income people have access to quality education and training opportunities that allow them to access employment with family sustaining wages, benefits, and ladders of growth is an important starting point for this work.

We support local efforts that bring together leaders from the education system, workforce training providers, and local employers. Most recently, we worked alongside StriveTogether to invest in the Prepare Learning Circle.

A woman reads a careers manual during a workshop in Cleveland, OH Medical students walk along their quad in Cleveland, OH

Preparing low-income people for quality 21st century jobs


In close partnership with StriveTogether, Living Cities supported the Prepare Learning Circle from 2014-2016, which included several collective impact partnerships focused on strengthening the career end of the “cradle-to-career” continuum. The Prepare Learning Circle was comprised of Living Cities’ members and five StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network members:

Members of the Prepare Learning Circle had already adopted the StriveTogether framework for education and want to be on the vanguard of connecting it more fully to the end result of quality employment.


Living Cities also explored the specific employment challenges facing different groups, such as recent immigrants or individuals who have been previously incarcerated. In the past, we have worked to document the non-skill barriers to employment and share lessons about innovative approaches to overcoming them from across the country.

Resource Document: Non-Skill Employment Barriers Webinar
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