Just Change is an embodiment of our commitment to open source and real-time knowledge sharing. In a new book, Tynesia Boyea-Robinson shares tools, ideas and best practices from her years at Living Cities as well as her experience in the private and social sector. See more from Just Change: How to Collaborate for Lasting Impact  


Just Change is a collection of stories and case studies to evolve the way we think about and approach systemic causes of inequities facing low-income communities, particularly communities of color. The book successfully addresses:

  • Cross-sector collaboration as a requirement for sustainable social change;

  • Moving away from siloed programs with single-focused solutions to building systems and infrastructures that improve inequities at the population-level; and

  • Reframing how to think about and measure success in order to achieve scale and impact.

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Read about leaders across the country who have successfully created sustainable, long-lasting solutions to address key root causes of inequities in their communities:

  • How the Detroit Corridor Initiative, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis-St Paul used shared results for successful cross-sector partnerships
  • How Nexus Community Partners in Minneapolis changed how they collaborate with the community they’re serving towards a more authentic community engagement
  • How Best Start for Kids in Seattle/King County effectively used cross-sector partnerships
  • How Camden City in New Jersey partnered with Campbell’s Soup for better health outcomes

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Discover tested tools and strategies to implement change in your own communities, such as:

  • How the Model Behavior, Align Resources, Catalyze Change (MAC) framework harnesses intrinsic motivation for behavior change
  • How the Data Inventory helps you figure out what data needs to be collected and how to get it
  • Four components of creating effective shared results that will drive your cross-sector partnership towards success

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Tynesia Boyea-Robinson is the Chief Impact Officer at Living Cities and works with cities across the country to ensure that investment leads to measurable impact. Tynesia’s experience as an entrepreneur, Six Sigma blackbelt, and technologist uniquely positions her to catalyze results-driven social change. Boyea-Robinson received her MBA from Harvard Business School and has a dual degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University.