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Reimagining Black Wealth: Asking 400 Year Old Questions 

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Through the Eyes of Wakanda: On Screen Lessons for Off Screen Impact 

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#BensTake: Three Truths that will Spark Urgency in the Post-Truth Environment 

There’s much work to be done to rebuild a dynamic economy that creates equitable opportunities for all Americans. To do so, we first need an understanding of the challenges that’s grounded in truth a…

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No Justice Without Economic Justice: #BensTake on the Legacy of Martin Luther K… 

Martin Luther King knew what we at Living Cities have come to recognize over the course of our work: that racial inequality and economic inequality in this country cannot be overcome in isolation.

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Philanthropy’s Moment: Enabling and Protecting the Financial Futures of America… 

Three principles can help philanthropy create financial stability for the futures of American families.

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#BensTake: Asset Building and the Path to a "Universal Fix" to Poverty 

To break cycles of poverty, we need to double-down on how we help people to build their assets, thinking beyond homeownership, to develop new asset-building strategies that increase wealth and transf…

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#BensTake: It’s the Economy (and The Future of Our Democracy), Stupid 

A landmark 1997 study exposed the racial wealth gap. In the past 20 years, has anything changed?

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When Families can Save, College is Not Just a Dream: It’s a Plan 

For low-income children, savings accounts and financial education can be vital in terms of attaining a college degree.

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Improving Financial Stability in America’s Cities 

One of the most effective ways that government can fight poverty is to help individuals and families prepare for and manage financial distress – when a job disappears, or wages are cut, or the bills …

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Scaling Asset Building through Social Service Systems 

We are convinced that if asset-building efforts are to reach scale, part of the answer will rest with the ability of practitioners to institutionalize the asset building framework and practice within…