Resource on Apr 5, 2013

Expanding Food Access While Maximizing Social & Economic Impact 

This presentation from our webinar in partnership with UpLift Solutions explores sustainable innovative supermarkets as a solution to the 'grocer's gap'.

Resource on Apr 2, 2013

Redefining Affordable Nutrition through Retail Grocery: The Daily Table Webinar 

Living Cities hosted a webinar on redefining affordable nutrition through retail grocery looking at model of the the Urban Food Initiative and its benefits. Listen to the recording to get insights and advice.

Resource on Jan 11, 2012

Recognizing the Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Multifamily Underwriting 

Private capital, if deployed effectively, could prove transformational in achieving significant carbon reductions while upgrading multifamily buildings and stimulating much-needed job creation. This study has tried to address a key bottleneck for pr…

Resource on Aug 17, 2011

Multifamily Utility Usage Report 

This paper is aimed at how we can better understand operating histories of existing multifamily properties – how they use energy and water – towards designing retrofit protocols and setting strong, appropriate standards for reduced utility consumpti…

Resource on Apr 21, 2011

Living Cities Building Retrofit Grants 

This document profiles 10 cities--Living Cities grantees-- working to create building energy retrofit systems at scale.

Resource on Apr 7, 2011

Green Cities Report 

This report is our effort to showcase and support the innovative ways in which cities are creating an equitable green economy. It is based on conversations with the brightest thinkers in the field, and the findings from our survey of 40 of the count…