Addressing the complex challenges cities face today requires collective effort from across sectors: public, private and nonprofit. See more from Cross-Sector Partnerships 

Strong cross-sector partnerships are core to many of the initiatives we support to build a new urban practice that achieves dramatically better results for low-income people, faster. In fact, Living Cities supports over 70 different collective impact partnerships in cities across the country.

While partnerships come in many shapes and sizes, we believe that collective impact presents one of the most promising models for achieving dramatically better results. Through our collective impact work, we have seen the importance of a strong cross-sector partnership that uses data to continuously improve and track progress toward a shared result.

Cross-sector partnerships are critical to creating systemic change in communities.

Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment Hero

Members of a cross-sector table in The Integration Initiative participate in a Dallas workshop.

Through our grants and research, site visits and hours of interviews, we are learning about what it takes to build, organize and support strong cross-sector partnerships. We are creating tools and resources to help practitioners, our partners and the field at large refine their work and improve their cross-sector partnerships.

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The Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment

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Our new free, 10 minute survey helps those engaged in cross-sector partnerships think through the development and progress of their partnership and provides immediate, tailored feedback, tools and resources to help partners get better results, faster.

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