Blog Post Bill Sadler on Apr 29, 2014

Putting Equity on the Map: Measuring Access to Opportunity with an Equity Atlas 

Data and maps can help tell the story of why our communities matter and where we need to prioritize our investments to make sure everyone has access to the people, places and things they need to thri…

Blog Post Arthur Burris & Jessie Feller Hahn on Apr 21, 2014

Connecting City Residents to Economic Opportunities: A Group Blogging Event on … 

We're co-convening a virtual conversation to engage a global audience of corporate, philanthropic, government, and nonprofit citizens in an important discussion regarding the future of cities.

Blog Post Amy Chung on Apr 8, 2014

Bringing the “Development” to Equitable Transit-Oriented Development 

Amy Chung describes how we are working with lenders, nonprofit advocates, metropolitan organizations and many other groups to explore how we can help move equitable transit-oriented development initi…

Resource on Nov 12, 2013

Smart Subsidy in Community Development 

This paper is a practitioner’s reflection on subsidy, particularly as it relates to place-based real estate development and financing.

Blog Post Carmen Rojas on Jun 5, 2013

Equitable TOD: Lessons from the Field 

Living Cities believes that Equitable TOD strategies need to be intentional about maximizing benefit and minimizing harm to low-income communities.

Blog Post Nadia Owusu on May 22, 2013

Announcing “The Network Effect: The Living Cities Perspective in 2012” 

We are thrilled to launch “ The Network Effect: The Living Cities Perspective in 2012.

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TOD Best Practices Guides 

Blog Post Arthur Burris on Apr 11, 2013

New Public Sector Structures for 21st Century Cities: Can Federal Policies Hel… 

We are pleased to release a strategic assessment of the Partnership for Sustainable Communities, an example of how governments are enabling fresh approaches to tough problems.

Blog Post Amy Chung on Apr 10, 2013

Critical Factors to Making Equitable TOD a Reality 

We are learning more about what can be done to advance equitable TOD and the capital, policy and implementation challenges.

Blog Post Amy Chung on Mar 5, 2013

Living Cities Catalyst Fund closes $3 million loan to the Bay Area Transit Orie… 

The $50 million revolving Bay Area loan fund will provide early-stage financing for housing and mixed-use developments in mixed-income TOD communities.

Blog Post Mariia V. Zimmerman on Jan 17, 2013

Searching for the Silver Lining in Financing Equitable TOD 

Limited public budgets have pushed advocates to call for a deeper understanding of the policy and financing tools necessary to create mixed-income transit-oriented communities.

Resource on Apr 7, 2011

Fostering Equitable and Sustainable Transit-Oriented Development 

What can be done to catalyze equitable and sustainable transit-oriented development (TOD)?

Blog Post Helen Leung on Nov 16, 2012

Workforce and Transit Oriented Development in the Twin Cities: An Interview wit… 

Living Cities is supporting efforts in the Twin Cities to leverage the creation of new light rail lines as part of a larger transit-oriented development (TOD) strategy in the region to connect people…

Blog Post Carmen Rojas on Aug 7, 2012

Equitable TOD: Meeting the Needs of People & Places 

A people-based approach to equitable transit-oriented development is a holistic plan for addressing the needs of its residents, beyond the hard infrastructure.

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Arthur Burris 

Arthur formerly led the Public Sector Innovation work at Living Cities, which includes the City Accelerator and the Project on Municipal Innovation. He is a frequent public speaker on budget and policy topics. He is now leads a team of researchers a…

Blog Post Carmen Rojas on Apr 24, 2012

Three Ways to Put Equity into TOD 

Equitable Transit-Oriented Development requires making explicit the various economic aspects of development focused on the build-out of transit, especially the trade-offs to making it more equitable.

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Jan 9, 2012

Seeds of Hope in Detroit 

The strength of the collaboration to re-imagine and reinvent Detroit is encouraging.

Blog Post Alison Gold on Jan 9, 2012

Twin Cities: Aligning Government Resources and Strategy to Support Equitable Tr… 

The Corridors of Opportunity initiative’s focus on equitable transit-oriented development has now been incorporated into the strategy of five government funds.