Blog Post Nadia Owusu on May 22, 2013

Announcing “The Network Effect: The Living Cities Perspective in 2012” 

We are thrilled to launch “ The Network Effect: The Living Cities Perspective in 2012.

Blog Post Jeremy Hays on May 21, 2013

The Hidden Risk to America's Affordable Housing, and How We Can Solve It 

If we can stop energy from leaking out of affordable housing, we will also slash carbon pollution and make a big dent in our fight against global warming. A new model offers a promising solution.

Blog Post Robin Hacke on May 2, 2013

What Would It Take to Fix America’s Infrastructure? 4 Approaches that Would Mak… 

At a time of fiscal constraint, four sensible strategies to help the US address urgent infrastructure needs.

Resource on Nov 28, 2012

Living Cities Catalyst Fund Annual Report July 2011-June 2012 

The Living Cities Catalyst Fund is a domestic impact investment vehicle that deploys concessionary, flexible debt to improve the lives of low income people and the communities where they live. This report provides an overview of investments and impa…

Blog Post Amy Chung on Apr 10, 2013

Critical Factors to Making Equitable TOD a Reality 

We are learning more about what can be done to advance equitable TOD and the capital, policy and implementation challenges.

Blog Post Eileen Neely & Mary Reilly on Mar 14, 2013

Strategies for Creating Clean Water Cash Flows 

NatLab has been analyzing the economics of green infrastructure investment on public and private land in order to identify strategies for cities to leverage private capital to attain their clean wate…

Institutional Investor

Unlocking Private Capital to Invest in Human Capital 

Blog Post Amy Chung on Mar 5, 2013

Living Cities Catalyst Fund closes $3 million loan to the Bay Area Transit Orie… 

The $50 million revolving Bay Area loan fund will provide early-stage financing for housing and mixed-use developments in mixed-income TOD communities.

Blog Post Carmen Rojas on Mar 4, 2013

Making The Distinction: How We Are Using Capital for Social Good 

We are exploring ways that grants and debt can interact and work together to advance our mission of improving the lives of low-income people and the cities they live in.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Feb 11, 2013

The Power of Public Infrastructure Innovation 

In a time of tight government budgets, innovative approaches to infrastructure investment are required.


Social Impact Bonds 

Bringing together government agencies, social service providers and socially minded financiers to achieve better results for people receiving preventative social services and for the taxpayers funding those services.

Blog Post Karl Seidman on Nov 20, 2012

Commentary on The Capital Absorption Capacity of Places – A Research Agenda and… 

The overall market conditions in a region, city and specific neighborhoods have a large impact on the community development system.

Resource on Nov 8, 2012

Capital Absorption Worksheet 

This tool is designed to help initiatives and organization asses their capital absorption capacity. It addresses five functions: Enabling Environment, Vision and Legitimacy, Pipeline, Management and Monitoring, and Innovation?

Blog Post Amy Chung on Oct 2, 2012

Living Cities Catalyst Fund Named to ImpactAssets 50 for Second Consecutive Year 

Blog Post Amy Chung & Robin Hacke on Apr 25, 2012

Catalyst Fund named to the 2011 ImpactAssets 50 

Our Catalyst Fund is recognized on a global list of the top private debt and equity impact investment fund managers that deliver social and environmental value in addition to financial return.

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Demetric Duckett 

Demetric works to blend public, private and philanthropic financial resources in new ways to better meet the needs of cities and their low-income residents.

Blog Post David Wood on Apr 12, 2012

Understanding the Capital Absorption Framework: Early Insights from Two Cities 

Lessons from our research agenda about how we can create enabling environments in our cities for the deployment of private capital for public good.

Resource on Aug 2, 2012

Putting Dollars to Work in the Community: 9 Things Local Government Can Do to Harness Pri… 

This paper outlines some key steps for public sector officials to consider towards creating conditions that attract private capital and ensure it it utilized effectively to build sustainable and equitable communities.

Blog Post Alison Gold on Mar 29, 2012

Integrating Program and Capital 

A Discussion with Living Cities’ Marian Urquilla and Robin Hacke about integrating program and Capital through The Integration Initiative.

Blog Post Arthur Burris on Mar 16, 2012

Driving Economic Impact Through Alignment With Regional Systems 

How can we maximize the potential of anchor institutions -- 'eds and meds' -- to drive economic growth and opportunity in our cities and metropolitan regions?

Blog Post John Moon on Mar 7, 2012

Address the System, then Develop Tactics: Tips for Developing a Strong Small Bu… 

If a city were asked how it could develop a stronger small business ecosystem, what would it say?

Blog Post John Moon on Feb 27, 2012

Small Businesses: One Size Does Not Fit All 

Finding ways to foster the success of small business is on the agenda for Living Cities’ Integration Initiative.