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by Eileen Neely & Brian R. Nagendra on Dec 15, 2016

What We Learned About Collective Impact Through Raising the Blended Catalyst Fund 

Living Cities launched the Blended Catalyst Fund, to invest in and test innovative approaches to solving urban problems. Here is some of what we learned through raising the Fund.

on Aug 21, 2015

Living Cities Catalyst Fund Annual Report July 2013-June 2014 

As of June 30, 2014, the Fund had commitments of $34.6 million from ten investors. Since inception, our total cumulative lending of $40.2 million has sparked initiatives with total funding of over $825 million.

Blog Post Eileen Neely & Brian R. Nagendra on Dec 15, 2016

What We Learned About Collective Impact Through Raising the Blended Catalyst Fu… 

Living Cities launched the Blended Catalyst Fund, to invest in and test innovative approaches to solving urban problems. Here is some of what we learned through raising the Fund.

Blog Post Eileen Neely & Sindhu Lakshmanan on Oct 25, 2016

Pay for Success: To Invest or Not to Invest? Assessing the Impact 

First and foremost, we believe Pay for Success projects should help improve the lives of low-income people in American cities. With all of the new projects coming onto the market, the first question …

Blog Post Clara Brenner & Julie Lein on Sep 14, 2016

How We Started a Venture Capital Firm to Fund Urban Innovation Startups 

By providing critical capital and support to a new generation of startups, the Urban Innovation Fund is identifying solutions to the toughest problems facing our cities.

Resource on Jun 8, 2016

Pay for Success in the U.S. 

This chart presents parties, financing, evaluation, time-frame and expected impact for Pay for Success transactions that have been implemented in the United States so far.

Blog Post Mary Kay Bailey on Jun 14, 2016

My Seven-Year Ride on the Green Line  

Linking the downtowns of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, the 11-mile Light Rail Transit (LRT) Green Line is creating benefits “beyond the rail” for residents, businesses, and neighborhoods.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Oct 21, 2015

Living Cities’ Catalyst Fund Recognized as an Outstanding Impact Investing Vehi… 

For the fifth year in a row, our Catalyst Fund has been selected for ImpactAssets50, an impact investing showcase featuring Fund Managers that deliver social, environmental and financial returns.


The United States: Domestic Opportunities for the Impact Investing Sector? 

Blog Post Brian R. Nagendra & Hannah Schiff on Oct 20, 2015

What Impact Investing Can Learn from the Telephone 

A new report offers recommendations for U.S. Community Investing industry to build an infrastructure that would bring new sources of capital to bear on public challenges.

Blog Post Amy Chung & Jed Emerson on Dec 11, 2014

Aligning Grants with Impact Investments Can Help Catalyze the Growing Impact In… 

Our capital has been leveraged nearly 30 times over, resulting in over $16 billion of financing that has helped build schools, affordable housing, clinics, childcare and job training facilities in ci…

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Dec 4, 2014

Is Pay for Success Collective Impact? 

Is Pay for Success a forcing mechanism that can make Collective Impact tables work?


Social Impact Bonds 

Bringing together government agencies, social service providers and socially minded financiers to achieve better results for people receiving preventative social services and for the taxpayers funding those services.

Blog Post Andrea Arnold on Nov 26, 2014

Engaging Local Communities to Improve Healthy Eating 

Over the past two years, IFF has developed a financing program to improve access to fresh, healthy food in low-income communities.

Resource on Sep 9, 2014

Reflections on Living Cities' Integration Initiative 

Our President and CEO Ben Hecht shares some of the biggest lessons from the first three years of our signature Integration Initiative that aims to catalyze systems change to improve the lives of low income people in US cities.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Oct 21, 2014

Living Cities Selected for Outstanding Impact Investing Showcase 

Living Cities is excited and honored to be named, for the fourth consecutive year, to the ImpactAssets50. The IA 50 is the only free, public, searchable database of outstanding impact investing fund …

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Sep 10, 2014

The Real Promise of Pay for Success: It’s About People 

Pay for Success opens up exciting possibilities in terms of investing in people and in promising solutions to our nation’s most wicked problems, says Eileen Neely.

Person Living Cities

Ben Hecht 

Ben Hecht is the President and CEO of Living Cities, a collaborative of 18 of the world’s leading foundations and financial institutions who work together to boldly fight poverty in America’s cities.

Blog Post on Sep 10, 2014

Expanding Our Capacity to Invest Private Capital for Public Purposes 

Impact investing is the deployment of capital with the intent of not only generating financial return, but also producing measurable social and environmental impacts.

Resource on Sep 8, 2014

Living Cities Catalyst Fund Portfolio Summaries 

Learn more about our investments through our impact investing vehicle, the Catalyst Fund.

Blog Post Eileen Neely & Nadia Owusu on Sep 10, 2014

Reducing Juvenile Recidivism and Increasing Employment in Massachusetts 

Juvenile recidivism has fueled America’s skyrocketing incarceration rate for years. Intervention can alter the trajectories of America’s most high-risk youngsters for the better. Without it, high-ris…

Blog Post Robin Hacke on Jul 3, 2014

Why More Foundations Should Be Making Program-Related Investments 

Through PRIs and impact investments generally, foundations can help to ensure that capital flows in ways that create opportunity and prosperity for all.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Apr 30, 2014

Social Impact “Bond” or Social Impact “Equity”? 

Calling Pay for Success a “bond” lays the wrong foundation for our thinking about this innovation, potentially limiting its application and commercial success.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Apr 30, 2014

Catalyzing a New Market: Social Impact Bonds, Pay for Success, and the Role of … 

Why Living Cities entered the Social Impact Bond market and how foundations can play a critical role as an “idea shop” where new innovations are tested and concepts are proven to allow the potential …