Blog Post Sherrie Deans on Jan 21, 2014

What Movements Require 

Can philanthropy reconnect with its movement- building roots? Not to fundraise or to sustain institutions, but to drive real and lasting social change?

Blog Post Nadia Owusu & Sherrie Deans on Oct 3, 2013

When Families can Save, College is Not Just a Dream: It’s a Plan 

For low-income children, savings accounts and financial education can be vital in terms of attaining a college degree.

Blog Post Sherrie Deans on Jun 21, 2013

“I'm Not Even Supposed to be Here” - LeBron James 

LeBron James makes a clear and powerful statement about inequity and persistence.

Blog Post Ben Hecht & Sherrie Deans on May 8, 2013

Announcing an Important Collaboration: Boys & Men of Color in America 

Living Cities joins a philanthropic alliance to invest in young men of color as assets for America's future

Blog Post Evelyn Burnett & Nadia Owusu on Feb 14, 2013

We Need To Talk: Poverty, Race, and America’s Future 

Despite all the progress we have made, income and race continue to play a role in people’s life trajectories and outcomes. We need to confront this head on.

Blog Post Chris Paul on Nov 14, 2012

What Next? 

Learn about Chris Paul's CP3 Afterschool Zone

Blog Post Sherrie Deans on Oct 16, 2012

No Time for Picnics: Celebrities and Social Responsibility 

When it comes to celebrities, what exactly are their ‘social responsibilities’; and whose job is it to define the agenda?

Blog Post Evelyn Burnett & Nadia Owusu on Sep 5, 2012

One Shoe: Why Celebrity Philanthropy Needs to Think Bigger 

Why is it that when it comes to philanthropy, most celebrities can't seem to think bigger than one summer camp, one charity concert, one child?

Blog Post Sherrie Deans on Apr 12, 2012

New Voices in an Old Conversation: Top Insights from the First Admiral Center ‘… 

The Admiral Center ‘Catalyst’ Convening brought together celebrities and leaders from sports entities like the NBA and the NCAA and private sector brands including NIKE, ESPN and Coca Cola for a con…