Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on May 4, 2015

#NewUrbanPractice: Join a May 8 Twitter Chat About Expanding Impact Investing  

As part of a series of Twitter Chats, we’ll talk with changemakers about expanding the field of impact investing to get dramatically better results for low-income people.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Apr 15, 2015

The 4 Ps of Pay for Success: Process 

When considering Pay For Success transactions, we pay special attention to each step in the process - both before the intervention begins and after it ends.

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Apr 10, 2015

In Defense of Financial Innovation: And Other #GoodReads from Living Cities Sta… 

This week, we’re sharing a round-up of articles and information that examine different perspectives on capital and private-sectors approaches to systems change.

Resource on Sep 8, 2014

Living Cities Catalyst Fund Portfolio Summaries 

Learn more about our investments through our impact investing vehicle, the Catalyst Fund.

Blog Post Ellen Ward on Apr 8, 2015

4 Ps of Pay for Success: Policy 

To get comfortable investing in a Pay for Success deal, it’s important to understand whether the government has both the commitment and the policy framework necessary to support a successful project.

Blog Post Eileen Neely & Brian R. Nagendra on Apr 1, 2015

4 Ps of Pay for Success: Program 

As we continue our series on the 4 Ps of Pay for Success (PFS), we explore the core outcome of a PFS transaction, whether or not a “Program” can produce and measure impact.


The United States: Domestic Opportunities for the Impact Investing Sector? 

Blog Post Andy Rachlin & Ellen Ward on Mar 25, 2015

The 4 Ps of Pay for Success: Partnership 

Partnerships, one of the 4 Ps of Pay for Success (PFS) are a cornerstone of any PFS transaction. While partnerships have their own complications, we consider four aspects of partnership crucial to PF…

Blog Post Eileen Neely & Andy Rachlin on Mar 18, 2015

From the 4 Cs of Credit to the 4 Ps of Pay for Success 

A new financing mechanism requires a new way of underwriting. Here are the top four things to consider before investing in any Pay for Success Project.

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Mar 13, 2015

#GoodReads for Building a New Urban Practice  

A weekly round-up of articles, information and resources on how organizations across sectors are working to achieve dramatically better results for low-income people, faster.

Person Living Cities

Elizabeth Vargas 

Elizabeth Vargas managed Living Cities’ social media and web strategies. She brings an enthusiasm for integrating digital media and traditional communications to drive social change.

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias & Julie Nelson on Feb 25, 2015

How to Advance Equity through Government Innovation 

In this second installment of an interview with Julie Nelson, she explains how local government can help advance racial equity and offers advice for jurisdictions considering taking on this work.

Blog Post John Grossman on Dec 18, 2014

Implementing Pay for Success: Five Lessons for Governments 

The potential of Pay for Success is so profound for society that it’s worth all the hard work.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Dec 4, 2014

Is Pay for Success Collective Impact? 

Is Pay for Success a forcing mechanism that can make Collective Impact tables work?

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Nov 14, 2014

Paying for Pre-School with Social Impact Bonds: And Other #GoodReads from Livin… 

A weekly roundup of articles and information that you won't want to miss!

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias on Oct 16, 2014

Enhancing the Employment Chances for Formerly Incarcerated Americans  

We brought together leading practitioners in an ongoing conversation about overcoming the significant barriers that face job-seekers with law enforcement records. Here are 5 lessons we learned.

Blog Post Eileen Neely on Sep 10, 2014

The Real Promise of Pay for Success: It’s About People 

Pay for Success opens up exciting possibilities in terms of investing in people and in promising solutions to our nation’s most wicked problems, says Eileen Neely.

Blog Post Eileen Neely & Nadia Owusu on Sep 10, 2014

Reducing Juvenile Recidivism and Increasing Employment in Massachusetts 

Juvenile recidivism has fueled America’s skyrocketing incarceration rate for years. Intervention can alter the trajectories of America’s most high-risk youngsters for the better. Without it, high-ris…

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Aug 12, 2014

Disrupting the Flow of Resources: August 13 Twitter Chat 

Living Cities will host our fourth Twitter Chat on #DisruptingInequality. We'll discuss different impact investment models and explore how innovative uses of capital can help improve the lives of low…

Blog Post on Jul 30, 2014

Working Towards the Development of a Commercially Viable Market for Social Impa… 

Living Cities is investing in Social Impact Bonds, also known as Pay for Success initiatives, to move away from paying for outputs and toward paying for outcomes.