Blog Post R.T. Rybak on Apr 20, 2016

Mayors and Schools in the Nation's Capital 

The past three D.C. mayors have sustained a surprising commitment to school reform.

Blog Post Jen Mayer on Apr 15, 2016

Beyond the Numbers: Telling the Infrastructure Story 

How can cities get better at making the case for infrastructure?

Blog Post Steven Bosacker & Sarah Welsh on Apr 13, 2016

Innovating in World Megacities: A Search for Stories 

What lessons can world megacities teach us about urban innovation?

Blog Post Steven Bosacker & Kristen Scheyder on Apr 7, 2016

Introducing the City Accelerator's Third Cohort 

These four cities are joining forces in the new City Accelerator on infrastructure.

Blog Post Wingham Rowan on Mar 22, 2016

A Fresh Perspective on the Future of Work 

A new era of work is here. Do we need a new employment model for low-income people?

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Mar 16, 2016

Our 2015 Annual Report: The #HereAndNow Toolbox 

Our 2015 annual report curates tools created by innovators on the front lines of social change.

Blog Post Jack Dangermond on Mar 15, 2016

Mapping the Story of Government Transparency 

Story Maps are becoming an increasingly important tool for cities to engage and inspire audiences, just as GIS is becoming an increasingly important tool for cities to understand and address the chal…

Blog Post Owen Stone on Mar 14, 2016

Cities, Personified 

How i-teams are putting the end-user at the center to find solutions to cities’ biggest problems.

Blog Post R.T. Rybak on Mar 8, 2016

Mayors and Schools in Boston: Why Get Involved? 

The Mayors and Schools Field Trip heads to Boston.

Blog Post Brittany Ramos DeBarros on Mar 1, 2016

Meet 10 Cities in Massachusetts Aiming for Change  

An introduction to the ten Massachusetts cities that are working to change systems and improve the lives of low-income people through the design phase in the second round of the Working Cities Challe…

Blog Post Ben Hecht & Brandee McHale on Feb 23, 2016

Cities Build Up Innovation to Tackle Breakdown in Urban Infrastructure 

In the City Accelerator's new Cohort III, cities will disrupt old ways of planning, prioritizing and budgeting for infrastructure projects.

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Jan 26, 2016

#BensTake: Cities as an Accelerant for Change in 2016  

Our newest blog series delves into four, unique accelerants that put U.S. cities on the verge of something "very special" in 2016. Today: The promise of cities.

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Jan 19, 2016

On Martin Luther King Day, Racial Equity and Inclusion in Action 

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, this compilation of blogs will empower you to take action advancing racial equity and inclusion in your work.

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas on Jan 15, 2016

Cities Big and Small Tackle Social Challenges in 2016: #GoodReads from Living C… 

A weekly round-up of reading recommendations that you won't want to miss!

Blog Post R.T. Rybak on Jan 13, 2016

Mayors and Schools in Oakland: Doubling Down on Partnerships 

In this latest installment in the Mayors and Schools Field Trip, R.T. Rybak sits down with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

Blog Post Sam Edelstein on Jan 12, 2016

Led By Data II: More Insights from the Syracuse i-team 

Learn how the Syracuse i-team is driving a shift toward data-oriented government in their city.

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Jan 7, 2016

#BensTake: Can Local Government Innovation Stick?  

A municipal innovation movement is gaining steam across the U.S. From the work of our City Accelerator's first cohort, Living Cities CEO, Ben Hecht, outlines three trends that he sees as critical to …

Blog Post Kevin Paul on Jan 7, 2016

The Broad View of Innovation: #GoodReads from the i-teams 

This week, we bring you another edition of #GoodReads shared by the Innovation Teams (i-teams), a cohort of in-house innovation consultants in cities across the United States and Israel that are deve…

Blog Post Nadia Owusu & Elizabeth Vargas on Dec 30, 2015

Five Trends To Watch in 2016 

In 2016, we'll follow a number of trends to learn more about how promising practices might lead to dramatically better results for low-income people, faster. Five of these trends are top-of-mind in t…

Blog Post Nigel Jacob & Trip Carpenter on Dec 21, 2015

Human-Centered Design for Government 

How can thinking from the design world help cities improve the way that residents experience and interact with government?

Blog Post Sam Edelstein on Dec 18, 2015

Led By Data: Insights from the Syracuse i-team 

The i-team in Syracuse is putting data and analytics to work in the city's quest to fix its infrastructure woes.

Blog Post R.T. Rybak on Dec 17, 2015

Mayors and Schools in San Francisco: A Tale of Two Mayors 

Mayor Rybak takes the Mayors and Schools Field Trip to San Francisco, a city where there has been an unusual degree of continuity on school and youth policy between the administrations.

Blog Post Neil Britto on Dec 17, 2015

The Evolving Roles of Local Government: Insights from Boston’s Innovation Distr… 

The public sector played a key role in the development of Boston’s Innovation District. What can be learned from its cross-sector and entrepreneurial approach?

Blog Post Kevin Paul on Dec 16, 2015

Using Data and Innovation in Los Angeles: i-teams Profile 

Innovation Teams (i-teams) are in-house innovation consultants who help cities tackle their biggest challenges. We spoke with Amanda Daflos from the L.A. i-team about their efforts to make communitie…