Resource on Sep 27, 2016

Closing the Gaps: Full Compendium of Essays 

This Compendium of essays, with contributions from our members, grantees and many other leaders, highlights ongoing efforts across the country that show promise of contributing to closing the racial opportunity gaps

Resource on Oct 30, 2014

Talent Dividend: Final Rankings 

This resource illustrates the final rankings for cities participating in the Talent dividend competition based on this data.

Resource on Oct 29, 2014

Talent Dividend Final Report 

An overview and insights from the National Talent Dividend $1 Million Prize Competition, awarded for the greatest proportionate increase in the number of post-secondary degrees over a four-year period.

Resource on Oct 29, 2014

Akron Receives $1 Million Prize for Higher Education Attainment Increase  

Akron, OH wins the Talent Dividend $1 Million prize. The number of college degrees awarded rose more than 20% in four years.

Resource on Sep 25, 2014

Lessons on Integrating Immigrant Workers into the Economy 

Living Cities recently hosted a webinar exploring promising practices and policies that support immigrant workers in preparing for and accessing quality employment.

Resource on Sep 30, 2013

New Initiative Will Offer College Savings Accounts 

New York Giants’ football star Justin Tuck joined The Children’s Aid Society (CAS), the Citi Foundation and the 1:1 Fund today to launch a new initiative that aims to help low-income New York City children and their families save and plan for colleg…

Resource on Jun 17, 2013

State of the City: 5 Trends Impacting US Cities 

Identifying solutions to complex problems will require us to let go of the old ways of working, in favor of more adaptive strategies. This report overviews 5 Trends and what they mean for our cities future.

Resource on Apr 15, 2011

The Integration Initiative: Newark Profile 

Living Cities supports The Strong Healthy Communities Initiative in Newark, NJ as part of The Integration Initiative. Read the Newark profile.

Resource on Apr 7, 2011

Bart Peterson: Transforming Urban Public Education Through Education Entrepreneurship 

Despite decades of calls for reform, America’s public education system remains the target of sharp criticism for failing to adequately prepare young people for higher education and the jobs of the new economy. But hope is coming. Education entrepren…