Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias & Katy Silliman on Oct 2, 2014

Announcing the Launch of a Collective Impact Workforce Initiative 

Living Cities and StriveTogether are supporting 5 communities in their Collective Impact efforts to address local workforce challenges.

Blog Post Jeff Edmondson & Ben Hecht on Sep 9, 2014

Defining Quality Collective Impact 

Collective impact is at a strategic inflection point. To realize its promise, we need to define in concrete terms what “quality collective impact” really means.

Blog Post Elizabeth Vargas & Nadia Owusu on Aug 20, 2014

The State of Inequality 50 Years After The Economic Opportunity Act 

August 20th, 2014 marked the 50th Anniversary of the Economic Opportunity Act. To mark this milestone, we gathered some data and writing on the state of inequality and the War on Poverty.

Resource on Jun 17, 2013

State of the City: 5 Trends Impacting US Cities 

Identifying solutions to complex problems will require us to let go of the old ways of working, in favor of more adaptive strategies. This report overviews 5 Trends and what they mean for our cities future.

Blog Post on Jul 30, 2014

Working to Re-Engineer Education, Cradle to Career 

Unless we fix education, we cannot fix inequality, so Living Cities is working with cross-sector leaders in cities to re-engineer education, cradle to career.

Blog Post Charles Rutheiser on May 20, 2014

What Can Cities Do To Promote Greater Economic Opportunity? 

The question we need to be asking ourselves is: what can cities do to promote a broader sense of opportunity for all of their citizens?

The New Yorker

Richer and Poorer: Accounting for inequality 

Blog Post Emily Garr Pacetti on May 15, 2014

WANTED: Job, Training and a Bus Pass 

Like many civic leaders across the country, we are looking for solutions that allow us to deploy our resources most strategically in order to prepare people for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias on May 7, 2014

Rethinking Workforce Development for the 21st Century 

Blog Post Alyson Wise & Edwin Torres on May 6, 2014

Tackling the Youth Unemployment Crisis 

As of March 2014, the unemployment rate for youth aged 16-24 was over 14%, and last year 5.8 million young people were both not in school and out of work. The Rockefeller Foundation is working to cha…

Person Living Cities

Brittany Ramos DeBarros 

Brittany provides programmatic support to the external field building work of the Collective Impact team at Living Cities. She also supports the Working Cities Challenge.

Blog Post Nadia Owusu on Apr 4, 2014

Celebrating the First Three Years of the Integration Initiative 

In the first 3 years of the Integration Initiative, we gleaned important lessons on realigning institutions across issues, sectors, and disciplines. We also have seen significant evidence pointing to…

Resource on Apr 15, 2011

The Integration Initiative: Newark Profile 

Living Cities supports The Strong Healthy Communities Initiative in Newark, NJ as part of The Integration Initiative. Read the Newark profile.

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias & Sara Draper-Zivetz on Mar 7, 2014

Free Community College: How the Public Sector Can Help Prepare Low-Income Peopl… 

Examining the potential for free community college to improve pathways to opportunity for low-income people,

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Mar 5, 2014

My Brother's Keeper: The Urgency of Now 

Blog Post Alison Gold on Feb 21, 2014

Building Will Around Collaboration 

Blog Post Alison Gold on Feb 19, 2014

What Does It Take to Learn to Collaborate? 

Resource on Apr 7, 2011

Bart Peterson: Transforming Urban Public Education Through Education Entrepreneurship 

Despite decades of calls for reform, America’s public education system remains the target of sharp criticism for failing to adequately prepare young people for higher education and the jobs of the new economy. But hope is coming. Education entrepren…

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias on Feb 13, 2014

5 Ways Mayors Can Support Collective Impact 

Blog Post Juan Sebastian Arias on Feb 13, 2014

5 Ways Mayors Can Support Collective Impact 

Blog Post David Robinson on Feb 10, 2014

Letting Go and Letting Grow 

Blog Post Ben Hecht on Jan 31, 2014

3 Elements for Addressing Inequality: Reflections on the State of the Union Add…