This is an action plan for East Biloxi – a balanced road map for rebuilding the cityʼs economic heart and keeping intact its cultural soul. It includes recommendations for essential affordable housing as a key element in economic recovery, a land-use road map and tools to strengthen the cityʼs management of development.

Biloxi has two of the three ingredients needed to cultivate economic development—strong investment and a predictable customer base. The critical missing ingredient, however, is the expanded workforce needed to support major growth. By moving forward aggressively to plan and build mixed-income neighborhoods in East Biloxi to house its workforce, the city can become a national model for communities seeking to create economic opportunity for individuals while supporting the growth of a citywide economy. Living Cities’ experience in urban neighborhoods across America underlines the strong connection between addressing housing needs at all income levels and sustaining economic development.

These recommendations for East Biloxi describe the future that can be built by expanding tourism; providing broad housing choice in safe and attractive neighborhoods; renewing downtown; restoring the seafood industry; introducing major new open spaces; and strengthening public access to a great waterfront. This document then plots a course for reaching that future, based on the belief that economic growth—when channeled wisely—is good business for everyone: the city, its residents, and its investors.