The Equipt Report is a comprehensive overview of our survey findings and a discussion of how cities fared across the seven elements of the Equipt to Innovate framework.

We expect a lot of cities. Whether economic, demographic, social, technological or political, the range and number of challenges faced demand a robust and nimble response from municipal government. In other words, cities must be equipped to innovate across competencies that range from encouraging social equity in the community to effective management inside public agencies.

Equipt to Innovate is a first-year effort to benchmark cities across seven elements with the expectation that this broader view can reveal both synergies and gaps in the current policies and practices of urban governments. We fielded the inaugural Equipt to Innovate survey in 2016 to achieve this goal. Results from this survey also help identify targeted areas for action and assistance, and inform the development of a multidisciplinary model of high-performance government.

Published: August 10, 2017