This webinar identifies the challenges most cross-sector partnerships face, and explores cross-sector case studies to help you improve your own work.

Structuring and managing a cross-sector partnership can be one of the hardest parts of collective impact. Using data collected from Living Cities’ Cross-Sector Partnership Assessment, this webinar presented on the biggest trends in cross-sector partnerships and collective impact today. We discussed common challenges most cross-sector partnerships face, and explored a cross-sector case study Seattle/King County.

If you are in a cross-sector partnership, or support a cross-sector partnership, you are probably facing some of these issues right now–watch the recording below to learn potential solutions.

To download the slides featured in the webinar, please click on the “Download this Presentation” button on the top of your screen.

Speakers include:

  • Cheryl Markham, Strategic Policy Advisor, King County Dept of Community & Human Services
  • Jeff Raderstrong, Program Associate, Living Cities
  • Kirsten Wysen, MHSA, Project Manager, Communities of Opportunity, Public Health- Seattle & King County

Additional Resources

The webinar referenced several additional resources to help improve your cross-sector partnership. These are below, including resources mentioned in the simultaneous Twitter discussion.

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Additional Questions

There were many questions from webinar attendees we could not answer. We compiled answers to those questions in this document.

Published: March 17, 2016
Contributors: Jeff Raderstrong