At Living Cities, we seek to better understand barriers to employment and share lessons about innovative approaches to overcoming them.

Earlier this year, we engaged national and regional leaders in a webinar about what it takes to overcome the significant non-skill barriers to employment facing formerly incarcerated job-seekers. In a follow-up conversation in May, we spoke with four leaders in the field to further surface lessons learned about how to overcome these barriers.

In your experience, what approaches hold the most promise for improving the employment outcomes of formerly incarcerated Americans? Add your thoughts 

This resource is a list of seven lessons framed as key questions and answers, which draws from the conversation in May. From examples of aligning policy and practice around a common goal to the use of innovative Pay for Success financing to fund recidivism reduction programs, this document shares experience and insights that can help inform others’ efforts to change the systems that block formerly incarcerated job-seekers from preparing for and accessing quality jobs.

You can also find a blog summary of lessons learned.