Are mixed-income communities merely a utopic vision or do they actually exist?

Thriving mixed‐income communities are part of the vision of equitable cities for many of The Integration Initiative (TII) sites. But translating that vision into specific goals and workable strategies to achieve income mixing can be challenging.

This paper draws on existing research and interviews with leaders in the field to describe characteristics of stable mixed‐income communities and how low‐income residents may benefit from such communities. It provides a framework for considering the scale and locations for income‐mixing interventions, understanding key challenges, and identifying policies and incentives that can be used to achieve site‐specific income mixing goals.

For more information on building thriving mixed-income communities,watch the highlights from our panel discussion with:

  • Fred Blackwell, President and CEO of The San Francisco Foundation
  • Robert Liberty, Director of the Urban Sustainability Accelerator, Portland State University
  • Rolf Pendall, Director, Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center, The Urban Institute
  • William Towns, Assistant Vice President, University of Chicago, Office of Civic Engagement