Using Build-Measure-Learn to Support Strong Cross-Sector Partnerships.

When the team at Living Cities first read Eric Reis’ book The Lean Startup, we were intrigued, but also curious about what would it really take to apply this methodology in our own work of connecting low-income people to economic opportunity? So Alison Gold, Assistant Director of Knowledge and Impact, took the plunge, applying the methodology in work she was developing about helping leaders in cities build the “right” cross-sector partnerships to achieve their goals.

My First Lean Startup Adventure: Using Build-Measure-Learn to Support Strong Cross-Sector Partnerships is a 12 page case-let to share with others what Alison learned about applying the Lean Startup methodology.

Learn more about Alison’s work on cross-sector partnerships:

Resource Document: Infographic: How do you build “the right” cross-sector partnership to do collective impact?
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