This resource provides a framework and comprehensive materials to help guide collaboratives seeking to significantly scale up their efforts to stabilize neighborhoods impacted by foreclosures. It was developed for Living Cities' Neighborhood Stabilization Boot Camp in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Ash Institute for Democratic Governance at Harvard University. There, teams representing 12 cities and regions were joined by an array of experts and representatives of financial institutions, government agencies, philanthropy, consultants and experts. They gathered in order to develop new strategies to increase the scale and impact of their neighborhood stabilization efforts.

Neighborhood Stabilization Framework

Living Cities proposes a neighborhood stabilization framework that has three key elements:

  • Defining your end game
  • Targeting properties to reach a tipping point
  • Implementing your strategy

These three elements draw together the myriad details and approaches to foreclosure mitigation in a way that enables collaboratives to craft successful strategies for dramatically increasing the scale and impact of their efforts on neighborhoods and markets.