Continued municipal fiscal strain, inadequate infrastructure, poor educational outcomes, the much discussed skills/jobs mismatch, and the struggling housing market are issues that will greatly affect our cities, and low-income communities in particular, over the next four to five years.

Over the last several years, Living Cities has been dedicated to fundamentally adapting how we work in an effort to keep pace with the changing world. Through new partnerships and initiatives, we’re actively learning what drives our cities and what creates enduring systems change. In order to help us better anticipate changes in the social and economic climate, we embarked on an environmental scan of likely trends that will particularly impact low-income people in U.S. cities over the next few years.

This analysis, Trends in US Cities was designed to feed into our strategic review process, and to synthesize and crystallize existing knowledge about the state of American cities that could be shared with the field as we develop next generation systems change approaches.

Resource Document: State of the City: 5 Trends Impacting US Cities
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