This paper describes the recommendations put forth by Partnerships British Columbia (Partnerships BC) regarding the methodology and rationale for analyzing infrastructure procurement alternatives.

The purpose of this draft discussion document is to describe the recommended methodology and rationale for Partnerships British Columbia’s (Partnerships BC) guidance for the quantitative analysis of infrastructure project procurement options.

The document is intended to support a rigorous standard and consistent approach forunder taking the procurement options analysis that is required as part of the business case development process for procuring publicly-funded infrastructure in British Columbia. To this end, the document:

• Outlines Partnerships BC’s guidance methodology for the quantitativeanalysis of procurement options,

• Provides guidance for conducting the quantitative analysis work as part of thecomprehensive business case analysis for a project, and

• Demonstrates how the outcome of this analysis informs the procurementdecision and funding analysis for a project.

This document can be used to guide the quantitative analysis of project procurement alternatives in business cases for all projects where a determination has been made that such projects are likely to benefit from public private partnership (PPP) procurement interms of securing value for money for the public. It is important to note, and account for, unique requirements, flexible methodology and outcomes in individual projects.

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