The work of Living Cities and its members is taking place at a time when digital technologies and social networks are seemingly transforming every aspect of our lives.

Unfortunately, this transformation has yet to spill over significantly to change the relationship between city residents and their governments, or to improve the quality of low-income people’s lives.

With this challenge in mind, Living Cities convened in August a group of members of the Urban Policy Advisory Group, along with their chief innovation and technology officers, for a half-day session at the Harvard Kennedy School. The goals of the session were to deepen our collective knowledge of civic tech and its potential for cities –particularly as a means to improve the lives of low-income people, deepen civic engagement, and help city governments work better – and to identify opportunities for UPAG members and Living Cities to learn and innovate together. Eleven cities and counties in all participated in the session.

Resource Document: Field Scan of Civic Technology
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