This tool is designed to help initiatives and organization asses their capital absorption capacity. It addresses five functions: Enabling Environment, Vision and Legitimacy, Pipeline, Management and Monitoring, and Innovation?

The Worksheet will help you:

  • Ensure that investment priorities will yield important benefits to low income people and are aligned with recognized community needs.

  • Build the policy and support tools that allow community investment to take place.

  • Strengthen the market and provide the support, linkages and mechanisms needed to attract and sustain investment.

  • Generate deals and projects that contribute to defined community goals.

  • Ensure financial performance and social benefit.

  • Learn from experience; apply lessons to create durable networks that strengthen community investment practice and carry it through to new areas.

Resource Document: The Capital Absorption Capacity of Places: A Self-Assessment Tool
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Resource Document: Putting Dollars to Work in the Community: 9 Things Local Government Can Do to Harness Private Capital for Public Good
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