With a decade of digital strategy experience and a master's degree in urban planning, Shannon strives to integrate storytelling and content strategy with all levels of urban practice -- from research and policy to service provision.

Prior to completing her master’s degree at Hunter College, she consulted as a writer, editor and digital strategist for a variety of organizations, with specialties in finance and technology. Additionally, she served for over three years in workforce policy for the Texas Workforce Commission. She most recently worked with Purpose, a mission-driven organization, tackling gun control, the Syrian refugee crisis and voting rights. Her background in human-centered design and user experience and her desire to solve seemingly intractable urban problems coalesced around this work.

She’s now focused on issues of racial equity through her work with Living Cities, and transportation quality with Riders Alliance, a transit advocacy group. Shannon leads Living Cities’ content strategy efforts and is also helping to grow the organization’s evidence-building practice and promote Living Cities’ Equipt to Innovate framework.