Dr. JaNay Queen Nazaire is a leader, collaborator, and bridge-builder with a fierce belief in the right of all people to live their best possible life.

As Managing Director for Performance and Results, Dr. Queen contributes to the strategic vision of Living Cities in its quest to close racial income and wealth gaps. In service of being an outcomes-oriented organization, Dr. Queen employs key principles from results-based accountability, racial equity and inclusion, collective impact and adaptive leadership methodologies to support Living Cities staff, board and network to achieve dramatically better results for low income people. Previously, Dr. Queen served as an Associate Director and she continues to coach city leaders to collaborate across sectors for powerful social justice results for people on the ground.

Dr. Queen has rich past experience working on outcomes for children and families in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors; as well as in academia, teaching Leadership in Public Policy. Her work has contributed to her passion for harnessing cross-sector collaboration to guide leaders of U.S. cities as they advocate for those people who have been disproportionately left out and systematically denied of economic opportunity. Focused on results in all that she does, JaNay views equity challenges in cities as exciting opportunities to re-examine the impact we can create for the country’s most marginalized communities.