Blog Post Julie Bosland on Apr 16, 2020

How 18 of the Largest Foundations and Financial Institutions Are Responding to … 

Blog Post Hafizah Omar & Alyssa Smaldino on Apr 14, 2020

Ending White Supremacy Culture: A Resource for Reckoning with History 

Blog Post Hafizah Omar & Alyssa Smaldino on Apr 8, 2020

All in This Together: Ending White Supremacy Culture Starts With Us 

Person Streetwyze

Antwi Akom 

Antwi Akom, Ph.D., is Co-Founder and CEO of Streetwyze, a platform that helps cities and communities, patients and providers improve health and build better communities.

Blog Post Marlon Williams on Apr 7, 2020

Racially Equitable COVID19 Rapid Response from a Front-Line Public Servant 

As a front-line responder during the Ebola crisis, I wanted to offer some lessons learned for those working on the front-lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

Blog Post Hafizah Omar & Julie Nelson on Mar 26, 2020

Practicing Trust and Vulnerability in Partnership: What We’ve Learned from Race… 

Huffington Post

Black America Is Just 72 Percent Equal To White America. In Some Areas, The Ine… 

Blog Post Elizabeth Reynoso on Mar 24, 2020

Ideas and Resources for How Cities Can Attack the COVID-19 Crisis 

From Long Beach, CA, to Rochester, NY, we are hearing from local government colleagues about the how they are responding to COVID-19. Here’s what they’re telling us.

Blog Post Julienne Kaleta on Mar 20, 2020

Finding Myself Beyond White Institutional Culture 

Blog Post Nadia Owusu & Alyssa Smaldino on Mar 18, 2020

An Invitation to Center Race in Government Responses to COVID-19 

The reality of COVID-19’s scope and impact is just beginning to sink in and in many ways is still unknown. At Living Cities, we are doing our best to hold the complexities that come with racial equit…

Blog Post Demetric Duckett & Nadia Owusu on Mar 10, 2020

Turning the Mirror Onto Ourselves 

Our work with the Integration Initiative (TII) and more specifically, our relationships with the Initiative Directors (IDs) in Albuquerque, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, San Francisco, Baltimore and New Or…

Blog Post JaNay Queen Nazaire on Mar 5, 2020

Doing the Right Things Right 

Living Cities’ new Theory of Change represents our unique position on how to close racial gaps across the country.

Person GARE

Nora Liu 

Nora Liu is the project manager for Racial Equity Here, a joint project of the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) and Living Cities, to support local governments leading the way to create a future for racial equity and economic growth fo…

Blog Post Shannon Jordy & Jeff Raderstrong on Mar 3, 2020

We Were There: Reckoning with Living Cities’ History on Race 

Our new interactive movement history timeline lets you interact with Living Cities' past, including the major political milestones and cultural touch points in our country's history, and envision a f…

Blog Post Demetric Duckett & Scot Spencer on Feb 26, 2020

Is Philanthropy Aligned on the Root Causes of Inequities? 

Blog Post Demetric Duckett & Sindhu Lakshmanan on Feb 26, 2020

Living Cities’ Catalyst Impact Funds Named to ImpactAssets 50 for Ninth Consecu… 

For the ninth year in a row, Living Cities’ Catalyst Funds have been selected for the ImpactAssets 50, an impact investing showcase featuring fund managers with demonstrated financial capacity and a …

Blog Post Brandee McHale on Feb 25, 2020

Rising to the Challenge of Closing Racial Gaps 

Can philanthropy drive systems change? By changing the way we approach the work in our individual institutions and how we collaborate, Living Cities seeks to prove that we can actually make meaningfu…


Jennifer Perkins  

Jennifer Perkins is the former Assistant Director of Collective Impact at Living Cities.

Blog Post Shannon Jordy on Feb 20, 2020

#WealthInColor: Disparities in New Orleans' Entrepreneurial Ecosystem [INFOGRAP… 

Eighteen months ago, Living Cities, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Surdna Foundation embarked on Start Up, Stay Up, Scale Up [SU(3)], a three-city initiative designed to address gaps in the entre…

Blog Post Adene Sacks & Reggie Rucker on Feb 3, 2020

Building the Backbone for Collaboration: Q&A with the New Leadership Network