This week, we bring you another edition of #GoodReads shared by the Innovation Teams (i-teams), a cohort of in-house innovation consultants in cities across the United States and Israel that are developing and deploying bold ideas to tackle the biggest issues facing city governments.

The Innovation Teams keep a close eye on the work of key players in the field who are pushing government to adapt and evolve to address persistent social and economic challenges. Over the last several weeks, the i-teams shared videos, articles, and resources from a variety of sources exploring the very issues the teams are working hard to address. The first submission is an article written by Brian Platt, director of the Jersey City i-team.

Jersey City’s Data Portal Journey - Brian Platt, Data Smart Cities

An i-team member in Jersey City, NJ shared this insight:

  • “One of the side projects I have been working on for over two years has been building a data portal for Jersey City. Here is a great article I wrote about the process that was published yesterday by our friends at the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School. If your city needs help with this let me know it is relevant to all of our projects and will help with the data driven decision making we all need to use. Ontodia is our vendor for this and they are amazing.”

Emerging Trends in Real Estate, U.S. and Canada 2015 - Urban Land Institute

An i-team member in Albuquerque, NM had this to say about the report:

  • “Maureen Mcavey from the Urban Land Institute will be presenting their 2016 Emerging Trends in Real Estate report to an audience of developers, builders, and policy makers in Albuquerque. In last year’s report, Albuquerque’s real estate investment market ranked 47 of 75 nationally and 20 of 20 in the west. The ABQ i-team is looking at how innovative approaches to creating mixed-use, transit served, walkable urban places can lead to greater investment in real estate. We are excited to hear the discussion that follows the findings of this year’s report!”

Envision America

An i-team member in Long Beach, CA submitted this reflection:

  • “Envision America, a new nationwide nonprofit, is issuing a challenge to America’s cities to become smarter by accelerating deployment of innovative technologies that tackle energy, water, waste, and air challenges. City leaders from 10 winning communities will participate in Envision America’s workshop in January in Charlotte, NC, where they will work with leading experts from industry and academia to diagnose needs, workshop solutions, and develop new smart initiatives for their community. In addition, they will receive technical assistance throughout the year to support the implementation of their plans. […] This effort builds on the cross-sector collaborative model and local results of Envision Charlotte.”

Open Source World - NPR News

The era of open source has led to countless innovations. When does it work and when is it chaos? In this episode, TED speakers explored how open source is changing how we build, collaborate and govern.

An i-team member in Syracuse, NY shared this reaction:

  • “Loved this TED Radio Hour episode on open sourcing everything. The third segment focuses on open-sourcing democracy which was pretty cool. Also, just the discussion of open-source in general was great.”