This week, we bring you another edition of #GoodReads shared by the Innovation Teams (i-teams), a cohort of in-house innovation consultants in cities across the United States and Israel that are developing and deploying bold ideas to tackle the biggest issues facing city governments.

City governments around the U.S. and across the world can learn powerful lessons from the private sector, especially when it comes to using data in creative and innovative ways. Over the last several weeks, the Innovation Teams shared articles exploring this and other critical issues the teams are working hard to address.

A Better Government, One Tweak at a Time - Justin Wolfers, New York Times

An i-team member in Syracuse, NY had this to say about the article:

  • “Love this article looking at how government is using A/B testing to ‘nudge’ people, processes, and programs to be more effective. Even finding really small changes for the better can have giant impacts, especially when thinking on the federal level. I think a lot of this could be easily scaled down to a local level, assuming things are being tracked and analyzed.”

Building Analytics at 500px - Samson Hu, Medium

An i-team member from Long Beach, CA commented:

  • “Great read on how the analytics platform at 500px was built from the ground up. I like seeing how they chose their stacks to meet business requirements instead of the typical, ‘We chose X because it’s cool!’”

Another i-team member from Syracuse, NY had this to add:

  • “There are a couple of others who have done posts like this - the data scientist at Warby Parker does a yearly check in and then a data scientist at Twitter did one recently, too. I love these types of posts because they help to give perspective. Even the companies that change the game when it comes to data science still have to worry about how they store and clean data.”

How to Respond to Declining Car Ownership - Anthony Gregorio and Amanda Giacchetto, Frog

An i-team member in Tel Aviv, Israel had this reaction:

  • “Who is ready to give up car ownership? As we try and find ways to reduce dependency on cars in Tel Aviv and the accompanying costs it entails for residents we hope to create personas similar to the ones presented here to help us focus our initiatives on the right group of people in order to reach maximum impact.”

Here’s How Cities and Anchor Institutions Can Work Together to Drive Growth - Neil Kleiman and Erika Poethig, NextCity

An i-team member in Long Beach, CA had this to say:

  • “Great read on how cities and anchor institutions can work together to drive growth. The City of Long Beach i-team is very aware about the importance of collaborating with our local anchor institutions. We know that it ‘takes a village’ to drive growth, and have made it a priority to keep anchor institutions engaged throughout our entire process.”