Going it alone can make a difficult project seem truly impossible. Whether you’re an engineer working on a skyscraper or a community leader organizing a neighborhood cleanup, robust collaboration is often the key to success. That’s why Innovation Teams working in city halls across the U.S. and Israel understand the value of working through tough challenges together.

One of the core strengths of the Innovation Delivery approach is that teams are actively encouraged to rely on each other in a multitude of ways. As the Innovation Teams work to move the needle on the critical issues facing cities, we asked:

“Have you engaged with other teams to help you with idea generation or other areas of your work? If so, what did this collaboration look like?”

We found that teams are forging deep working partnerships with one another. Here is a selection of responses from i-team members:

  • “We held a conference call for "i-team therapy.” Over the call we discussed our similar challenges and some common issues that come up during public outreach. We talked about idea generation related to infrastructure issues and how we can best tap the public for problems we have no choice but to solve. The biggest take away was support from fellow teams for the stress and confusion that innovation can bring about.

  • “Teams have been very helpful and willing to share their experiences and suggestions. It’s been really helpful to us establishing some best practices - and it’s also reassuring that even though we don’t have the answers yet, we’re on the right path.”

  • “We’ve talked to the Boston, Chicago, Louisville, Memphis, and Long Beach i-teams to discuss our process. It has helped solidify our resolve in the direction that we’re going.”

  • “Long Beach and Los Angeles have talked about the recruitment process and ways to share resources and specializations. New Jersey helped Long Beach to explore investigation techniques for economic development. We’ve connected with Boston and Minneapolis about housing approaches. We are talking with former Memphis team members next week about their work.”

  • “The Jerusalem and Tel Aviv teams have met and discussed related issues and how to deal with the municipality. We’re trying to set a collaborative training to give the team members creative tools.”

Innovation Teams connect to not only share new technologies and practices, but to talk through issues and encourage one another too. The work of innovation can be difficult and frustrating at times, but partnerships among the i-teams help individual cities see themselves in the broader picture of new and exciting things happening in city government and ultimately, boost the odds of success.

Next week’s Lightning Round will focus on how teams engage the community in their work. Until then, be sure to join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #iteams.