In 2012, the former Green Economy Working Group made a set of grants in the healthy food systems field, including support for a pilot grocery store - which opens today!

Back in 2012, our former Green Economy Working Group made a set of grants in the healthy food systems field. One of those early grants was made to support a pilot grocery store - Daily Table - run by the former head of Trader Joe’s, Doug Rauch. We’re proud to share in the announcement that, after years of hard work, Daily Table officially opens today!

The Green Economy Working Group was established to provide a forum for our board members and their staff to align efforts in the green economy and drive an agenda that promoted economic growth in low-income communities. As the Working Group began to expand its portfolio beyond energy efficiency, healthy food systems emerged as an area of interest and opportunity in the field. Our early grants, like the one made to support Daily Table, largely focused on learning about how healthy food businesses could dually address the lack of healthy food access and improve the quality of jobs in the food industry.

One goal of Daily Table is to test a new operating model for addressing three issues at once - hunger, food waste and obesity. Daily Table collects fresh food that is still high quality, but that grocery stores are about to throw out for newer stock, and then repackages it into ready to eat meals or resells it at drastically reduced prices.

Lost Food

$165 Billion Confusion over expiration dates is one of the main reasons why supermarkets throw away $165 billion in food each year.

(Source: Business Insider.)

Daily Table’s launch is a bit of timely Living Cities history! We’re thrilled to see our early investments in Green Economy come to fruition, and look forward to seeing the outcomes of their model for promoting economic growth and food security in low-income communities. Happy #throwbackthursday!

Read more about the launch of Daily Table, including an explanation of why this operating model works. And, explore our past work on Green Economy.

To learn more about the Daily Table operating model, check-out our Webinar:

Resource Document: Redefining Affordable Nutrition through Retail Grocery: The Daily Table Webinar
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