Our May 20 Twitter conversation will explore ways to advance racial equity and inclusion to get dramatically better results for low-income people, especially people of color.

In our work building a #NewUrbanPractice geared towards getting dramatically better results for low-income people, we recognize that a majority of low-income people are people of color.

Racial minorities in American cities disproportionately lack access to opportunity – from quality education, to good jobs and decent wages. Recent events have underscored the need for a fundamental pivot that can improve their life chances. As a nation, we need to scale equitable opportunities and ensure social and economic inclusion. And, we need to make these efforts a deeper and more intentional part of our strategy across-sectors.

We know that no one individual, institution, or sector can achieve this goal alone. For that reason, we decided to open source our 2014 annual report: #NewUrbanPractice, asking folks in our networks—from our member institutions, to grantees, to our staff, to our social media followers, to a diversity of other thought leaders, dreamers and doers—to share their thoughts, insights, lessons and ideas about what a #NewUrbanPractice that considers racial equity and inclusion might look like.

We’re turning to social media for a third time to continue this important conversation.

On Wednesday, May 20, we’ll talk about the potential of advancing racial equity and inclusion to get dramatically better results for low-income people, faster.

We’re looking to gather knowledge and hold an open, honest conversation about racial equity and inclusion on Twitter. From the virality of the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag to the ongoing conversations around the #MyBrothersKeeper initiative, we see virtual conversation as a way to catalyze change in the efforts of our innovation partners – and others in the field.


On Wednesday, May 20 at 12:00pm Eastern Time (9am PT; 6pm GMT), Living Cities will host our third annual report Twitter Chat, focusing on advancing racial equity and inclusion in a a #NewUrbanPractice. We’ll be joined by special guest, Sarah Treuhaft from PolicyLink, and other changemakers driving this work in the field.


We invite you and your organizations to participate in the Twitter Chat on Wednesday, May 20, 2015. Living Cities will moderate the chat via our Twitter handle, @Living_Cities, and the hashtag #NewUrbanPractice. Over the course of an hour, we will pose a series of questions about advancing racial equity, the work of our guests, and the promise of different approaches. Participants will have 10 minutes after each question to answer and discuss before we move onto the next question. At the conclusion of the hour, all participants will be invited to share final thoughts and ideas. Questions may include:

  • Question 1: What about #racialequity and inclusion sparked you to join this chat?
  • Question 2: What are some innovative practices you’ve seen in #racialequity work?
  • Question 3: What programs or policies do you think are needed to actually get dramatically better results around #racialequity?
  • Question 4: Where do we need to be more explicit in our work around #racialequity and inclusion?
  • Question 5: What are the systems that we, as a field, can change collective to see progress in racial equity and inclusion?
  • Question 6: What about the current movement towards #racialequity and inclusion makes you hopeful for the future?


We strongly believe that all must play a role in building a new type of urban practice that gets dramatically better results from low-income people. Each voice, perspective, or sector is a critical part of the movement towards enduring charge. We are open-sourcing the path forward and ask you to contribute to both the vision and the work it takes to make a #NewUrbanPractice reality.


In addition to the Twitter Chat on May 20, we will explore key themes from the report by continuing our virtual conversation over the next month. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities!

We hope you will help to open-source the #NewUrbanPractice on May 20 and beyond!