Our May 8 Twitter conversation will explore ways to expand the possibilities in impact investing toward getting dramatically better results for low-income people.

The current page of social change is too slow. Current solutions, too small. At Living Cities, we believe that, to create enduring change, we must all work together to build a new type of urban practice geared at getting dramatically better results for low-income people, faster. Mindful that no one individual, institution, or sector can achieve this goal alone, we decided to open source our 2014 annual report: #NewUrbanPractice, asking folks in our networks—from our member institutions, to grantees, to our staff, to our social media followers, to a diversity of other thought leaders, dreamers and doers—to share their thoughts, insights, lessons and ideas about what this #NewUrbanPractice should look like.

And once again, we’re turning to social media to continue the conversation.

We’re now looking to tap the collective knowledge the burgeoning impact investing field on Twitter. We see impact investments as a core tool to build a #NewUrbanPractice. On Friday, May 8, we’ll explore ways to expand the possibilities in impact investing to get dramatically better results for low-income people, faster. Through this Chat, we hope to open the door to a larger, cross-sector conversation about growing our ability to deploy capital with the intent of generating both financial return and social results.


On Friday, May 8 at 12:30pm Eastern Time, Living Cities will host our second Twitter Chat on expanding impact investing as part of a #NewUrbanPractice. We’ll be joined by special guests from the private-sector, CDFIs and emerging leaders in impact investing.


We invite you and your organizations to participate in the Twitter Chat on Friday, May 8, 2015. Living Cities will moderate the chat via our Twitter handle, @Living_Cities, and the hashtag #NewUrbanPractice. Over the course of an hour, we will pose a series of questions about impact investing, the work of our guests, and different innovations like crowdfuning and pay for success. Participants will have 10 minutes after each question to answer and discuss, before we move onto the next question. At the conclusion of the hour, all participants will be invited to share final thoughts and ideas. Questions may include:

  • Question 1: What inspired you to join us today? What would you like to learn from today’s conversation that you can take back to impact your work and thinking?
  • Question 2.1: If you have already made an #impinv, what spurred you?
  • Question 2.2: If you haven’t made an #impinv, what do you need in order to do so?
  • Question 3: What promising impact investments or practices in #impinv are you currently seeing?
  • Question 4: Where do you see the most potential in applying innovations like #crowdfunding or #PFS?
  • Question 5: How can investors, govts & other changemakers better work together so #impinv can get better results for low-income ppl?
  • Question 6: What makes you most excited or hopeful about #impinv as a tool for #socialchange?


We strongly believe that all must play a role in building a new type of urban practice that gets dramatically better results from low-income people. Each voice, perspective, or sector is a critical part of the movement towards enduring charge. We are open-sourcing the path forward and ask you to contribute to both the vision and the work it takes to make a #NewUrbanPractice reality.


In addition the Twitter Chat on May 8, we will explore key themes from the report by continuing our virtual conversation over the next month:

May 22 @ 12 PM ET: Twitter Chat - Innovations & Trends Addressing Issues of Racial Equity and Inclusion May TBA: Google Hangout - New Urban Practice Trends & Ideas Toward Getting Dramatically Better Results for Low-Income People, Faster

We hope you will help to open-source the #NewUrbanPractice on May 8 and beyond!