Since last summer, Living Cities has begun to radically rethink how we capture knowledge and communicate in real-time about what we are learning from our work. We are changing the ways we’ve traditionally operated and using communications, especially social media, to see what we can learn about accelerating the dissemination and adoption of ideas, and, ultimately, change.

In an effort to share with others in our network what we are learning from this process, we recently shared early insights from our work in a new blog post for the Stanford Social Innovation Review, _ Leading in a Hyperconnected World: Three reasons to change how your organization communicates _. The piece explains the evolution of our thinking about the importance of leading with a networked mindset and also offers some practical tips for others interested in doing the same.

We are excited to share this article and hope interested readers will share their comments and feedback with us or reach out to Living Cities via Twitter @Living_Cities, or me personally at @benhecht. Please also stay tuned and join us for a related webinar with Stanford Social Innovation Review later this Spring.