A look at the ten most-read posts from our staff and innovation partners.

It’s been a busy year at Living Cities! In 2014, we welcomed a new Director of Collective Impact, launched the City Accelerator, and redesigned our website - just to name a few accomplishments. And during this year of exciting change and innovation, our staff and partners committed to open-sourcing social change, sharing their learnings in real time on our blog. The blog has become a hub where social change-makers can come to find the latest ideas on topics from municipal innovation to impact investing. Here’s a look at our ten most read posts from the past year:

1. Engagement Tech For All: Best Practices in the Use of Technology in Engaging Underrepresented Communities in Planning - By Jill Locantore, Walk Denver

2. Making Cities More Playable for All - By Nadia Owusu

3. Creating Jobs in America’s Cities: Three Frontiers in Economic Development - By Arthur Burris

4. Reducing Juvenile Recidivism and Increasing Employment in Massachusetts - By Eileen Neely

5. Is it Time to Open-Source Predictive Policing? - By Tamir Novotny

6. 5 Ways Mayors Can Support Collective Impact - By Juan Sebastian Arias

7. Three Lessons for Transforming Cities - By Patrick McCarthy, Annie E. Casey Foundation

8. How Can Shared Mobility Help Connect Low-Income People to Opportunity? - By Juan Sebastian Arias

9. Four Insights on how Collective Impact, Community Engagement and Racial Equity Intersect - By Juan Sebastian Arias

10. 5 Ways City Governments and Philanthropy Can Partner to Disrupt Inequality - Ronda Jackson