Living Cities is named to ImpactAssets50 for the fourth consecutive year.

Living Cities works with cross sector leaders to define and build a new type of urban practice aimed at dramatically improving the lives of low-income people. As part of that broad mission, one of the key questions that we are grappling with and testing against is how we can catalyze a greater domestic impact investment industry in order to fix some of the most pressing social problems we face. We know that grants alone will not be sufficient to address these problems at scale.

“We need to make it easier for impact investors to put their money into things they are passionate about…”

Given the breadth of our country’s needs, we need to make it easier for impact investors to put their money into things they are passionate about — whether it be job creation, education, broadband, or community revitalization. And, we need to expand what’s possible in terms of impact investing by experimenting with new ways of investing in human capital as well as in physical assets, like real estate or infrastructure. Through our impact investing vehicle, the Living Cities Catalyst Fund, we have invested in real estate, small business development, making fresh food more accessible, energy efficiency and education. And, more recently, we have invested in Pay for Success partnerships to test new ways of investing in human capital, and to develop a commercially viable market for doing so. We hope that our diverse portfolio and the intentionality with which we tie our investments to our mission-related priorities, and the fact that we are committed to sharing what we are learning through these investments in an ongoing way, positions us to contribute and push the dialogue around this burgeoning field. Indeed, we are a vocal and active advocate and supporter of the domestic impact investing market. For example, we are a member of the United States National Advisory Board (NAB) which worked with the Social Impact Investing Task Force, launched at the G8 Social Impact Investment Forum in June 2013 to help support the development of an impact investing policy agenda in the United States.

Given this focus, we are excited and honored to be named, for the fourth consecutive year, to the ImpactAssets50 (IA 50). The IA 50 is the only free, public, searchable database of outstanding impact investing fund managers. The showcase includes a range of funds across the globe, spanning diverse issue areas and investment, with demonstrated and compelling social and environmental impact. Fund managers included in the IA 50 2014 manage a combined $15.5 billion in assets devoted to creating measurable, positive impact.

Impact Assets 50

$15.5 Billion The combined assets of fund managers included in the IA 50 2014.

The IA 50 selection committee is chaired by ImpactAssets' Chief Impact Strategist, Jed Emerson, and includes experts from The CAPROCK Group, Labrador Ventures, Toniic, UBS and other leading impact investors.

The diversity, innovation and impact of the fund managers on this list give us great hope for what is possible. We look forward to continuing to learn and to advance the field with them.

Image credit: ImpactAssets and Kite Brand Studio.