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This week, we’re excited to share information about a new hub and a new challenge where you can dive deep into learning about urban innovation - and a few other articles that caught our staff’s attention:

Urban Innovation

Most Innovative Cities - CNN Money

CNN Money’s new features explores creative solutions to urban problems that improve the quality of life and economic opportunities for the people who live there. Hear from the Top 10 Most Innovative Cities about their big ideas on jobs, transportation, education, and more!

Recommended by: Ben Hecht, President and CEO

The Knight Cities Challenge is Looking for a Few Good Ideas - City Lab

The Knight Foundation has launched a new competition to fund innovation in cities. All you need to enter is a concept. And, one of the requirements of winners is that they ‘default to open’, including by releasing any software as open source code and any content under a Creative Commons license. This is really exciting as we think about how philanthropy can drive a movement towards open sourcing social change.

Recommended by: Nadia Owusu, Assistant Director of Strategic Communications and Storytelling

Impact Investing

Layered Fundraising among Top 10 Philanthropic Innovations Needed to Boost U.K. Giving - Civil Society

The think tank NPC has highlighted ten philanthropic innovations from around the world that it believes should be replicated in the UK. We think that these innovations; including a ‘100% impact investing approach’, ‘layered funding’ that uses different sources of capital with varying risk requirements, and ‘lean philanthropy’; should be adopted more broadly here in the US as well.

Recommended by: Eileen Neely, Director of Capital Innovation

Collective Impact

10 Quotes from Communities Defining Quality Collective Impact Webinar - Strive Together

Living Cities joined StriveTogether, the US Department of Education, All Hands Raised and The Commit! Partnership on October 8th for the “Communities Defining Quality Collective Impact” webinar hosted by the Collective Impact Forum. In this post, StriveTogether shares their top 10 quotes from the discussion about what quality collective impact.

Recommended by: Juan Sebastian Arias, Program Associate, Collective Impact

Disrupting Inequality

One Third of the World’s Women in Prision have one Striking thing in Common - Mic.com

This is a sobering look at mass incarceration by gender, examining how the United States stacks up in relation to other nations when it comes to imprisoning women. We have been paying close attention to issues of mass incarceration, particularly in terms of how it works to disconnect African American from opportunity. Indeed, we are investing in two Pay for Success initiatives that aim to reduce juvenile recidivism. The unprecedented and unrivaled incarceration of the United States population is a matter that strikes at the heart of economic, social, and legal issues of our time. Yet, it is an issue that has also historically been painfully under prioritized in comprehensive reform efforts. And, this article examines the issue from another angle, shedding light on the social costs of the growth in the number of female prisoners.

Recommended by: Brittany Ramos, Field Builder, Collective Impact

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Image credit: CNN Money’s Most Innovative Cities