Have questions about our new site? Read on!

You may have noticed that the Living Cities website looks a little different. We’ve introduced a new look and built a new hub for shared learning. The organization has thought long and hard about the needs of our sector, our problem solving network and our community, and how we can leverage our online tools to best serve them. The result is what you see now: a platform for bringing people and resources together to accelerate the uptake of promising solutions that, we believe, will help to collectively build a new type of urban practice that delivers dramatically better results for low-income people in cities.

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The site looks great! But why have the navigation options changed?

Good question! Living Cities is an ever evolving organization. As a funder collaborative of 22 of the world’s largest foundations and financial institutions, our mission is to drive change at the systems levels – and that has meant working in different ways over time, and adapting and making pivots as we learn. We designed the new navigation in a way that speaks to the iterative and evolving nature of the work. Now, you can easily find real-time updates on promising practices and approaches to social change work on the blog right from the navigation bar. You can explore the full variety of tools and resources we offer through the Resources Tab. You can explore Living Cities various initiatives and activities by clicking on “Our Work.” And now, you can browse blogs, articles and resources by the topics that interest you. Just to name a few changes!

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Cool. Tell me more about this “hub” for shared learning?

Creating a hub that brings together various perspectives from across the social change sector was core to the new site’s design. We envisioned a place where visitors could browse many types of articles, reports, videos, and toolkits – learning in real-time from others who are working in similar spaces or on similar issues; and understanding how their work can intersect with the work of others. The new site brings knowledge together in a number of ways. First, we’ve aggregated articles and resources on promising practices in ways that are easily searchable. Just try typing a few words about what you’re looking for into the search bar, much like you would on Google!

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We also showcase the work of others in our problem solving community. You’ll see grey boxes on each page with links to articles by our members, partners and organizations we believe are working at the forefront of large-scale social change.

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You can also discover and connect with the people behind the work. On each page, we highlight innovators, thought-leaders, and change-makers who are also working to improve the economic well-being of low-income people. Just click the orange boxes to learn about them, the work they do and the insights they’ve shared through Living Cities. In most cases, you can connect directly with these individuals, via social media or email, right through our site!

We highlight different people who are working on the issues we care about.

Discover the people who work on the topics we care about.

Wow. That sounds great. How can I contribute to LivingCities.Org?

Of course! We welcome contributions to the site – sharing and fostering discussion are key elements of our theory of open-sourcing social change. You can contribute to LivingCities.Org in a few different ways. On many articles and resources, our contributors have posed questions for you to answer directly in text! We’re looking to learn with you and from you through the site. These questions are one way of doing so. Just click on the orange boxes to share your thoughts in our comment section!

How will you contribute to the new LivingCities.Org? Add your thoughts 

You can also provide your own feedback and share stories directly in the comment sections. Commenting is enabled on all of our blogs, resources, and work pages. We hope this is a space where we can both start and continue meaningful conversations about our collective mission of improving the economic well-being of low-income people in cities. And, if you have a DISQUS account, you can even subscribe to the comment chain to receive updates when others post comments on topics or articles that interest you!

We also encourage you to contribute your stories and more in-depth information about learnings in your own work. You can submit ideas for blogs or share external links to be posted on the site by emailing hub@livingcities.org.

Very exciting! What else should I know about the new site?

Since there are many “new” elements of the new LivingCities.Org, we’ll be sharing more information in an ongoing way. Keep your eye out for a series of blogs that take a deep dive into some of the new features and how they’ve been designed to help our problem solving community open-source social change.

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