A weekly round up of #GoodReads recommended by Living Cities staff.

We’re monitoring the field for new information, innovations, ideas an learnings that we believe will accelerate the update of promising solutions. Here are a few articles that caught our staffs' eyes this week:

Open-Sourcing Social Change

Spreading the Word on High Impact Nonprofits, A Dollar a Day - Manuel Rapada, GOOD Magazine

Much has been said about how crowdfunding can open source social change. It harnesses the wisdom of crowds to advance what works (or at least what resonates, which can also provide useful information to social change leaders about how we communicate about our missions and work). Now, from one of the people behind popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, a service that enables people to donate a dollar a day and learn about non- profits along the way. This type of model could help bridge the gap between good intentions and impact.

Recommended by: Nadia Owusu, Assistant Director of Strategic Communications and Storytelling

Impact Investing

How can we bridge the cultural differences between the impact investing and community development finance fields? - Clara Miller, The Heron Foundation

We found this article to be both a witty and thoughtful read from Clara Miller, President of the FB Heron Foundation. Clara outlines the cultural norms of each group that she believes to get in the way of greater alignment between the emerging impact investing field and traditional CDFIs.

Recommended by: Juan Sebastian Arias, Program Associate, Collective Impact

Wells Fargo makes an innovative social finance loan to Craft3 - Wells Fargot

“A new model for social finance that could open up additional capital for next generation community development financial institutions … an innovative public-private partnership that has delivered high private leverage on an initial investment of federal and state funds to help ensure financing is available for qualified businesses to expand and create jobs.”

Recommended by Tonya Banks, Senior Administrative Associate, Capital Innovation


The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra - This American Life

An unprecedented look inside one of the most powerful, secretive institutions in the country: The NY Federal Reserve.

Recommended by: Alison Gold, Assistant Director of Knowledge and Impact

Living Cities In the News

The Ways Big Cities Think About Social Change - Ben Hecht, Harvard Business Review

In our work with America’s cities and a cross-section of public and private sector leaders, we are learning a lot about what works — and what doesn’t — to lead and drive large-scale change. But these aren’t just lessons for the social sector. Much of what we’ve learned is relevant to leaders of any type of organization or partnership that want to catalyze change in the face of complex challenges.

Recommended by: Elizabeth Vargas, Strategic Communications and Engagement Associate

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