Today, August 7, 2014 at noon Eastern Time, Living Cities will host our third Twitter Chat on Disrupting Inequality. The chat, co-hosted by Arthur Burris (@ArthurBurris), our Director of Public Sector Innovation, will explore different local government practices and policies aimed at improving the lives of low-income people.


We invite you and your organizations to participate in today’s Twitter Chat (Thursday, August 7, 2014) at noon Eastern Time. Living Cities will moderate the chat via our Twitter handle, @Living_Cities, and the Hashtag #DisruptingInequality. Over the course of an hour, we will pose a series of questions about the state of inequality and the role the public sector plays in disrupting the issue. Participants will have 10 minutes after each question to answer and discuss, before we move onto the next question. At the conclusion of the hour, all participants will be invited to share final thoughts and ideas.

Questions for Participants:

  1. How can the public sector work differently to overcome outdated, ineffective structures? #DisruptingInequality
  2. What are some examples of how #localgov uses tech & other innovations to improve the lives of low-income people? #DisruptingInequality
  3. How can we connect the public sector and cross-sectoral groups of problem solvers to address systemic problems? #DisruptingInequality
  4. Which local govts are effectively modernizing operations to improve the performance of systems? #DisruptingInequality
  5. What are examples where combining public, private & philanthropic $s improved outcomes during fiscal constraint? #DisruptingInequality
  6. What gives you the most hope in terms of building #gov20? #DisruptingInequality


Your participation is crucial to disrupting inequality. Living Cities recognizes that the issue of inequality is complex, and difficult to solve. We are open-sourcing solutions to you, our followers, so that we might co-create a path forward in disrupting inequality.

Please join us today, August 7, 2014 at noon Eastern Time for our third Twitter Chat on #DisruptingInequality. If you have questions about participation or involvement, please email Elizabeth Vargas at