As readers of The Catalyst Blog know, the Living Cities team is committed to sharing the ideas and insights emerging from our work in real time. That’s why we’re excited to share our newest vehicle for doing this: At the Table: Ideas and Insights from Living Cities’ Integration Initiative.

A core concept of The Integration Initiative is the importance of building a new civic infrastructure, one table , where decision-makers from across sectors and geographies can learn and work together in new ways to address complex problems. At the Tablewill come out quarterly and feature reflections, conversations, profiles, articles and updates on what key stakeholders are learning at their tables (and beyond) through The Integration Initiative.


You can download the first issue here and as noted below select articles are also available on Living Cities' Catalyst Blog.


  1. Changing the Culture of Problem Solving: Lessons from the First Year of the Integration Initiative | Blog
  2. In the Works: What do communities need to understand to gain the greatest benefits from small business?
  3. How Tracey Nichols is Transforming Cleveland (Despite the Recession) | Blog
  4. Integrating Program and Capital No. 2: A Discussion with the Baltimore Integration Partnership’s Kurt Sommer and Dana Johnson | Blog
  5. Capital Corner Dealbook
  6. On the Blog, News and Upcoming Events

In addition to sharing what we’re learning, At the Table is also an invitation to you to join the conversation and share your own insights and ideas by commenting on the articles which also appear on the blog ( www.livingcities/blog), posting a comment on Twitter @TII_LC or hashtag #TIILC or emailing the Living Cities team-we’ve included an email address with each article.

We look forward to learning with you!