Success is the right tool meeting the right solution.

Collective Impact Cartoon

We have noticed lately that some social change practitioners are feeling pressured to apply “Collective Impact” given its popularity in the field. Since Collective Impact is one of many different tools, which model you should use is entirely dependent on the result that you are trying to achieve.

Just use the chair!

At Living Cities, we’re finding it useful to try and think about different models of cross-sector partnership in light of two factors:

  1. How much do the partners have to change their own behavior to achieve their intended result (not at all or fundamentally)?
  2. If the partnership achieves its intended result, where does the benefit accrue (to the members of the partnership to the community)?

We’ve even started plotting a REALLY rough chart of different models of cross-sector partnership in light of these questions.

Plotting different models of Cross-Sector Partnership

So what do you think? Is this a useful way to think about cross-sector partnerships in general, as well as specific models? Why or why not? What other models should be included in the chart, and where do you think they would fall?

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Cartoon by Nadia Owusu, Living Cities. Chart by Alison Gold, Living Cities.