In cities across the country, practitioners in the field of asset-building are developing innovative approaches to expanding savings opportunities in low-income communities. Unfortunately, these programs and services rarely reach enough scale to transform entire cities, regions, states, or even neighborhoods. By releasing the new report, Scale Pathways: Bringing Asset-Building Products & Services to Scale, we hope to generate discussion among funders and practitioners on tools and frameworks necessary for scale . This paper is based on insights from interviews with approximately 25 practitioners working in the field of asset-building and meetings with Living Cities members with the ultimate goal of creating a guide that funders can use to better assess the elements of scale best suited for their investments and practitioners to more effectively design projects for scaling.

The tools and conceptual framework presented in this paper include:


Definition of Scale : A working definition of scale for asset-building products

The Five Ps : A five-element tool that can be applied when moving projects toward scale

System-Wide Change : A discussion on the uses of complexity analysis to understand system-wide change in asset-building programming

Case Studies : An active application of the Five Ps to two different asset-building efforts