As part of the partnership between Living Cities and the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center, the Project on Municipal Innovation (PMI) convenes Chiefs of Staff and policy leaders from some of the country’s largest and most creative cities for bi-annual in-person convenings. The goal of PMI is to support the replication and adaptation of best practices in US city government and to spur innovative policy ideas that move the needle for both residents and city government. Below is a short clip from an interview with Chris Murphy, Chief of Staff to Mayor Gray in Washington, DC, who attended the last PMI convening in August 2013. Mr. Murphy shares some background on GradeDC, an innovative, data-driven initiative which mines social media and other sources for a better understanding of the performance of various city agencies as expressed by residents. In addition to improving government transparency and opening channels of communication between District residents and the Mayor’s office, this initiative has ensured greater accountability among city agencies, and, as is shared in the below interview, led to meaningful improvement and results.

The video clip in this post originally appeared on the Data Smart Solutionssite. Data Smart Solutions is an initiative by the Ash Center at Harvard Kennedy School and powered by Bloomberg Philanthropies.