If you pay attention to the Living Cities Catalyst Blog or our Twitter feed, you might have noticed that over the last few months, we’ve been sharing a lot of what we’re learning about building high-performing cross-sector partnerships. These blog posts (and associated framing papers, case studies, and infographics) have explored a bunch of questions including:

How do you Build the “right” Cross-Sector Partnership to Achieve Your Goals?

How do you Build the “Right” Cross-Sector Partnership to Fix Workforce? Insights from Partners for a Competitive Workforce

How do you build the “right” cross-sector partnership to support the transformation of public housing? Insights from the Partnership for New Communities

How do you Build the “Right\“ Cross-Sector Partnership to do Collective Impact?

Now we’re building off this learning, and trying to develop some tools that cross-sector partnerships can use to better understand their own structures and behaviors. In service of this, we’re looking for representatives (staff, participants, funders) of 5-10 cross-sector partnerships who are interested in being Beta Testers for our online assessment tool.

What does being a beta tester entail?

  1. You are currently involved in a cross-sector partnership as a staff member, participant, or funder.

  2. Completing an online assessment about your cross-sector partnership.

  3. Reviewing the findings from your online assessment and noting your feedback and questions on the usefulness of the information you received.

  4. Doing a follow-up survey and/or interview with Living Cities about the assessment and its findings and how they can be made more useful.

Interested in assessing your cross-sector partnership through the framework and helping build useful tools for others? Contact Alison Gold at agold@livingcities.org.